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Is there some kind of mandatory reading? To not to be interested in this text would be really strange, no matter what style, organization or dojo you belong to! Three years ago , when I was about to do a Karate trip to Japan, I got a seemingly great advice from a famous Karate researcher :. Sounded like a great advice. Anyway, after a few grueling hours, we finally reached the Karate monument dedicated to Funakoshi Gichin, founder of Shotokan-ryu Karate. In all things man must have a clear mind.

The Way: Who will pass it on straight and well? He practiced diligently and in became the president of the Okinawan Shobukai. In May of , he relocated to Tokyo and became a professional teacher of Karate-do. He devoted his entire life to the development of Karate-do. He lived out his eighty-eight years of life and left this world on April 26, Reinterpreting Toudi-jutsu, sensei promulgated Karate-do while not losing its original philosophy. In an effort to commemorate his virtue and great contributions to modern Karate-do as a pioneer, we, his loyal students, organised the Shotokai and erected this monument at the Engaku-ji.

Karate-do wa rei ni hajimari, rei ni owaru koto wo wasuruna. Karate begins and ends with courtesy. Mazu jiko wo shire, shikoshite tao wo shire. Know yourself first, before you know others. Karate no shugyo wa issho de aru. Arai-yuru mono wo karate-ka seyo, soko ni myo-mi ari. Karate wa yu no goto shi taezu natsudo wo ataezareba moto no mizu ni kaeru. If not given heat, it will go cold. Katsu kangae wa motsu na makenu kangae wa hitsuyo. Do not think of winning.

Instead, think that you must never lose. Tekki ni yotte tenka seyo. Make adjustments according to your opponent. Tattakai wa kyo-jitsu no soju ikan ni ari.

Danshi mon wo izureba hyakuman no tekki ari. When you step outside your own gate, you face a million enemies.

Kamae wa shoshinsha ni ato wa shizentai. Kata wa tadashiku jissen wa betsu mono. Kata is practised perfectly, real fight is another thing. Chikara no kyojaku, karada no shinshuku, waza no kankyu wo wasaruna. Hard and soft, tension and relaxation, quick and slow, all connected in the technique. Tsune ni shinen kufu seyo. Think of ways to apply these precepts every day. I could write a whole post about each one of these precepts! But several books have been written about it. The "trail" Filled with killer bees!

But the view was nice, occasionally: Anyway, after a few grueling hours, we finally reached the Karate monument dedicated to Funakoshi Gichin, founder of Shotokan-ryu Karate. Karate ni sente nashi. There is no first attack in karate. Karate wa gi no tasuke. Karate is an assistance to justice. Gijutsu yori shinjutsu. Kokoro wa hanatan koto wo yosu. Be ready to free your mind.

Wazawai wa getai ni shozu. Accidents come from laziness. Dojo nomino karate to omou na. Karate training goes beyond the dojo. Hito no te ashi wo ken to omoe. Read, and you will remember. But think , and you will understand. More Articles. January 15, at am. January 15, at pm.

I specially liked Rules 8, 10 and 20 as they reminded me of what I told my Sempai,Kyoshi Brod Mario Dacanay FSC - one never really stops learning new things even from my early kihon kata days. January 22, at pm. I know I'm a big geek, but reading this with a shakuhachi like instrument in the background which came up unexpectedly , almost made me leak a tear or two I am translating this to my language, how would I translate the first part of Should I translate it like: Kata is to be practiced until perfection?

Hey, that's cool! Or something like that? January 23, at pm. Jack Brown. July 10, at pm. I think there can be found a book with only these twenty principles, I have the italian translation, the "original" is: The Twenty Guiding Principles of Karate by Gichin Funakoshi - comments by Genwa Nakasone - - translated into english by John Teramoto March 30, at pm.

I visit daily a few web pages and websites to read articles, however this weblog presents feature based content. September 26, at pm. November 13, at pm. Thanks for the help. My dojo has a helper test, and if i pass is it will be 1 step closer to being a sensei.

My sensei says the test might want me to list as many precepts as possible, so this is very essential help. Thanks for it. April 4, at am. Hey Jesse, are you sure of the date of birth of Master Funakoshi?

To my knowledge, he was born on November 10, Could there be a mistake in the monument? Yours sincerely Milan Haska. Leave a comment or Cancel Reply.

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The Twenty Guiding Principles Of Karate

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20 Principles of Shotokan Karate

This is the first in a series of posts looking at the 20 principles put forward by Gichin Funakoshi for the improvement of his karate students. He firmly believed that karate was much more than just a martial art. This particular interpretation of the principles was read and approved by Funakoshi. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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