Ramachander Rishbha deva was born as a king in the family of Swayambhuva manu. He married Meru devi and had one hundred children,. When they grew up, he entrusted the kingdom to his eldest son and retired to the forest. He became a great sage and a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

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This text is prepared by volunteers and is to be used for personal study and research. The file is not to be copied or reposted for promotion of any website or individuals or for commercial purpose without permission. Please help to maintain respect for volunteer spirit. A kavacham is an armour worn by soldiers in the battlefield as a shield to protect them from enemies' weapons.

In this hymn the devotee prays to Lord Rudra to protect his limbs and from danger from all directions. There are kavachams on many deities. This hymn is a rare amulet kavacham of Lord Shiva. The kavacha was given to Sage Naradha at his request by Lord Narayana. The hymn appears as part of the narration of Parasurama's penance on Lord Shiva seeking boons to fulfill his vow to destroy twenty one generations of kshatriyas. Pleased with his penance Lord Shiva bestowed on him several astras, shastras, rare mantras, stotras and kavachams such as Krishna Kavacham, Padma Kavacham, Durga Kavacham, Kalika Kavacham, theabove shiva Kavacham etc.

The kavacham was originally given to Matsya Raja by the Sage Durvasa after bestowing the shadaxara mantra. It is in the Kanva Shakha of Vedas. It is a most secretive one and difficult to attain. Lord Narayana describes the benefits of chanting the kavacham with devotion. Reciting this destroys sins and wards off death. One attains siddhi fulfillment, attainment of this kavacham by chanting it one million times and becomes verily like Lord Rudra Himself.

Without knowing this Kavacham a person will not attain siddhi of Shiv mantra even if he repeats it ten million times. Performing one million asvamedha sacrifices, hundred Rajasuya sacrifices and all other sacrifices cannot become equal to one sixteenth of this Kavacham. The person who chants this Kavacham becomes a Jivanmukta liberated even while living and all knowing and attains supernatural powers.

The armours were used in olden days by solders during wars to protect the user from enemies' weapons. In spite of their use solders have been injured seriously or even lost their lives. People resort to using various devices for their protection.

The state employs a vast police force and military to provide protection to people. In addition some engage security guards for their protection. Ministers, governors and high ranking officials get special security guards to protect them round the clock. If we ask why all want protection it is to protect themselves from pain and death. Still we see that they get attacked and killed. Everyone values his life above all else.

We hear that asuras did severe penanace and sought freedom from death, only to be told that such a boon cannot be granted. One born is destined to die. Also the time of death cannot be foretold. Knowing all this no one wants to die. This is a strange phenonenon. In Mahabharata there is the episode in which King Yudishtira is confronted by a Yaksha who puts questions to Yudishtira. One of the questions is what is the great wonder. Everyone still has fear. The fear arises from various sources.

The source may be sickness, accidents or death from different causes. But still inspite of all the efforts, and ingenious devices like insurance schemmes etc.

Because the protection offered from these devices all suffer from various deficiencies. So, they cannot afford total security. One reason is they themselves are not secure totally.

Even gods like Indra live in fear. We learn from puranas that the gods were routed and driven away from their homes by asuras like Ravana and Mahabali. Further the positions like Indra and Brahma the creator are obtained by merit punyam. One enjoys the rich life there and as soon as the stock of punyam is exhausted the person has to return to this world and take another birth. Krishna says this in Gita Krishna said this to His friend Uddhava Bhagavatam , Meaning:- Doing throug those bodies deeds that but result in grief, they again get new bodies.

What happiness comes to mortals in this process? The higher worlds as also the rulers of those worlds, who live upto a cycle including Brahma the creator who has a fabulously long life of ten thousand billion years has to be afraid of Me. So if one wants a real protector that one should not have such infirmities. Such a protector without any infirmity is only God. When You are kindly inclined from where will fear arise? On the other hand, if You are not kindly inclined who is there to protect me?

When You are there to protect me what use is there by others? If You do not think of protecting me then again what use is there of others? Because of the fact that God is the only real protector, the practice of invoking the Lord's names in different parts of the body has been in vogue from time immemorial. We find in Shri Bhagavatam the gopis invoked God's protection in child Krishna's body after they found Him playing on the huge body of Putana after she died.

The following verses give this in detail. NOTE:-The twelve names to be uttered on such occasions and the twelve limbs to be touched while doing so are specified in the following verse of the Padma Purana. Thus it is clear that the Lord alone can be the source of true protection. Shri Appayya Dikshita, the great poet and devotee echos this thought in verses 12 and 13 in his Durga Chandrakala Stuti. I surrender to that Devi. Shri Shankaracharya was very much aware of the fact that if one has God in his heart one need not fear anything.

So, he asks in Sivanandalahari 44 from where will fear come when he has the Lord Shiva in the recess of his heart -Shiva the one who holds a deer in one hand, has destroyed Gajasura and Vyagrasura, who takes into Himself all beings at the time of pralaya, who resides in mount Kailasa and has a white complexion.

The question, then is, how to firmly establish one's favourite God in our minds. While people may talk of different ways, Shrimad Bhagavatam shows the easy way. Today we should include reading them also in this. He abides in the heart of those who hear His stories and uproots the evil propensities of their mind.

Shrimad Bhagavatam Such statements are to be seen in abundance in this holy book. Today we are indeed blessed because the expositions of holy books by learned scholars are easily available to us in several media like radio, TV, internet, ebboks and internet. Repetedly listening to such holy books and reading them will gradually winnow away the blemishes of the heart like anger, greed, lust etc and make it pure and a fit abode for the Lord to stay.

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