It also assumes that you have located and know how to display the following documentation files:. The installation procedure depends, of course, on the format of the font to install. If the font is a platform-independent TrueType file, with extension. It relies on two additional pieces of software, the bash shell and the FreeType font rendering engine, for both of which Gerben Wierda provides i-packages. At the time of this writing, there are also indications that, starting with version Before proceeding it may also be noted that the commercial Textures, produced by Blue Sky T E X Systems , and only available in Classic at the time of this writing, provides direct access to all the fonts installed in the OS, freeing the user from most of the following.

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LaTeX is a markup language, which means it finds little snippets of code in a plain text document and uses that to typeset the text. If that analogy makes you more confused, perhaps think about it like this: imagine the bits of code in your document are like a book editor's red pen marks, indicating to the publisher how to print the text. When you run LaTeX on your document, it is like sending your manuscript to the printer, with instructions for how to print.

They send it back to you as a pdf. So, great. What do we need? First we need a way to make the manuscript in the jargon: a tex file sound like "tech". How you accomplish both of these steps depends on your operating system. The instructions below will guide you through the installation of both the compiler and the editor for both Windows and Macs.

It also manages LaTeX packages, which work very similarly to R packages. MiKTeX is a little scary, but hopefully once you install it, you won't have to deal with it a whole lot. Think of it as setting up a really fast typesetter in your computer. The dual-edged sword aspect of LaTeX is that the. So, you could just use Notepad or Wordpad or Word or some other program.

These are fine, but there are other programs that will greatly expand your productivity in LaTeX. For Windows, we are going to recommend the free editor Texmaker. It has fun stuff like syntax highlighting and buttons on the side with all of the math symbols, so you don't have to look them up every time you write up a problem set. In addition, there are menu buttons and keyboard shortcuts that allow you to compile the.

So, to install:. A bit of a warning: the download for this is over 1GB, so it might take a bit. In addition, you have drive space limitations, you may want to consider one of the stripped down versions of MacTeX. To obtain this compiler:. So, you could just use any old text editor. It will ease the LaTeX editing and compiling process. Now that we have an editor, we can fire up some LaTeX and get to your classic hello world program. Start by opening TexShop and copying into it the following text:.

There are a number of resources for LaTeX online. By a number, I mean a very high number. Walking yourself through an online tutorial is a good way to get familiar, but you'll probably learn LaTeX as you trying to type up your problem sets.

This can be a frustrating experience, but I think it's worth it in the long run. Even if you don't use any math, your paper will have a professional shine that makes some impact on the reader. If you do get stuck, try to find the answer on your own first. Google is your friend here. When I get stuck on tables which is often , I google: "latex tables. Matt Blackwell. LaTeX Setup and Tutorial Introduction LaTeX is a markup language, which means it finds little snippets of code in a plain text document and uses that to typeset the text.

To sum up: The editor helps you write your. The compiler reads your. Go to www. Run the installer and use all of the default settings. It doesn't have the helpful buttons for bold, italics, math symbols, etc. If you want these features, you can always download Texmaker for Macs and use that.

Open the zip file and place the Texmaker application somewhere that suits you. Once you have installed Texmaker, you can use the example in the Windows section to test out your installation. Comprehensive, will answer almost any question you have. You don't need to worry about his section on "setting up LaTeX" but the rest is good, especially for beginners.


LaTeX Setup and Tutorial



Getting Started with LaTeX




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