The Air Force checkerboard Polish : szachownica lotnicza is a national marking for the aircraft of the Polish Air Force , equivalent to roundels used in other nations' air forces. It consists of four equal squares, of which the upper left and lower right are white, and the other two — red. In the colors were reversed i. Initially, Polish military aircraft used various signs in national colors red and white , most frequently shields party per bend , pale , or red letter "Z" in a white square. The four-field, red-white checkerboard, was first used as a personal insignia of the Polish fighter pilot Stefan Stec. It was adopted as the Polish national roundel on 1 December

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In they sold the parents of all the property and moved into town Wejherow. In he signed up to a course of the pilots of the gliders in Ustrzykach Dolnych. The Polish air force enters in in Dublin. Completed the course to warrant officers and a pilot course, the last course of the pilots discarded in Dublin before the outbreak of the war.

The war finds him as a member of the backup school squadron Rezerwowej Squadron Szkolnej. Shortly after the attack of Poland by Germany, the squadron moved to the airport Zyrzyn, where it was re-equipped with the aircraft PZL P. In the period between From Romania via Beirut got into the French Salon de Provence and from there was with other Polish pilots stationed at the base of the Lion.

After the end of the course he was transferred to the state In its fourteenth flight, the aim of which was the port of Hamburg was hit by a German spot, and lost one engine. As a result of damage to the aircraft was the captain of the crew of Boleslaw Klecha forced to make an emergency landing on the water about 20 miles from the british coast. After one and a half hour stay in the dingy, the crew rescued by british emergency services. In he was after the fly off 34 combat missions transferred as instructor to the training of new crews on the base of Bramcote.

In the years to he served Boleslaw Klecha at Transport Group in Canada. Flying the new aircraft to combat units in Europe, Africa and Asia.

In he married an English woman Yvonne Wadey, with whom he had two sons and a daughter. At the end of the war he returned to Britain to In the years he flew with the british squadron and participated in primarily long-haul transport flights to Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the Far east.

With flying longer in 7. June with the air raid more than 3, hours of which on combat missions. Since was devoted to the business and actively worked in the union of Polish airmen. Boleslaw Klecha reached the rank of major in the air force and received a number of honors: War Medal Defence Medal Aircrew Europe Star Silver cross of the order Virtuti Militari Db four times the military cross Silver medal of the air force 39 Star In , he was the order of the minister of defence of Poland promoted to lieutenant colonel.

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Polish Air Force checkerboard



Klecha, Bolesław Jan


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