Still in practice as a family mediator after nearly 40 years! Her book on Family Mediation 3rd edition, , Family Law is also available in six foreign language editions. For mediation to develop in fresh and vibrant ways, we need to think and act creatively. Some of the best ideas come from making connections — for example, between mediation, sciences, and the arts — and through using these connections in practice. Bernie Mayer's article in the Mediation Futures series struck chords with me, with its references to complexity science, chaos, and the importance of adapting the ways we mediate to meet diverse needs, instead of expecting participants to fit in with the particular way we choose to mediate. Family mediators have been given greater responsibility to encourage consideration of non-court dispute resolution processes before application is made to the family court, and to assess the suitability of mediation in particular circumstances.

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All Judgments. Statutory Instruments. Practice Directions. Practice Guidance. Online service practice areas. Emergency Remedies in the Family Courts. Family Law Precedents Service. Clarke Hall and Morrison on Children. Family Law Reports. Court of Protection Law Reports. All Books. Court of Protection Practice. Family Law. International Family Law Journal.

Child and Family Law. Upcoming: Recent Developments in Private Children Family Law Awards Resolution National Conference Online Shop. About Family Law. Our authors are experts in their field and include barristers, solicitors, judges, mediators, academics experts from a range of related disciplines. Children and Same Sex Families. More info. Media Access to the Family Courts. Evidence in Family Proceedings.

View All. A day in the life Of Kara Swift. Lisa Parkinson. Lisa has given family mediation training and workshops in many other countries. In she had the great privilege and enjoyment of invitations to Brussels and The Hague international cross-border mediation , Finland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Slovenia and the Ukraine. Lisa is author of books and articles on mediation including Family Mediation Family Law, 3rd edn, She also contributes regularly to Family Law, International Family Law and foreign language journals.

Her family mediation book has been published in five foreign language editions. View articles. Products by author. Family Mediation. Articles by author. In relationship breakdown, individuals may be torn between the urge to retaliate and the need for resolution. Lisa Parkinson Family Mediator A day in the life of Lisa Parkinson What is your position and what you do on a day-to-day basis?

I'm a family mediator, consultant and trainer. I combine mediating in Bristol with consultancy, training and conferences in Lisa Parkinson, Mediator and Trainer: John Cornwell was probably the most influential family lawyer of his generation, changing the whole culture and practice of family law in this country.

Dispute Resolution: Co-mediation on Mediation: blown up too far? Lisa Parkinson Mediator and Trainer: Is mediation being blown up in a big bubble of expectation that the government is inflating in order to distract attention from the withdrawal of legal Lisa Parkinson, Mediator, Lecturer and Trainer. There are major differences between services which are offered as mediation with objectives, techniques and approaches often contrasting between Lisa Parkinson, Mediator and Trainer.

The author comments that experience of meeting with separating parents in mediation suggests that many parents manage to give their children explanations and


Lisa Parkinson

All Judgments. Statutory Instruments. Practice Directions. Practice Guidance. Online service practice areas. Emergency Remedies in the Family Courts. Family Law Precedents Service.



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