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Incluye el texto del reglamento con las modificaciones consolidadas hasta la fecha. Ley de Servicios Sociales. Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of - Social security general standards - Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc. Ley que regula el subsistema de salud. Ley que regula el subsistema de pensiones. Se aplica a los trabajadores del servicio del Estado, a los trabajadores dependientes y no dependientes del sector privado y a los familiares y beneficiarios calificados de los afiliados.

Se refiere, asimismo, entre otras cuestiones, a las administradoras de fondos de pensiones y a la superintendencia del subsistema de pensiones. Adoption : VENL Adoption : VENR Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of - Social security general standards - Case law.

Se reproduce el Reglamento general de seguro social, en su tenor actualizado. Ley de zonas francas de Venezuela. Se imprime en un solo texto la ley del seguro social, en su tenor modificado. Se publica el texto integro del reglamento del seguro social de paro forzoso, en su nuevo tenor.

Se ordena que se imprima integramente el reglamento general, incorporando las modificaciones. Ley de reforma parcial de la ley de seguridad social de las fuerzas armadas. Reglamento general de la Ley del seguro social. Los arts. Decreto por el que se aprueba el reglamento general de la ley del seguro social. Decreto por el cual se dicta el reglamento parcial de la ley del seguro social. Ley del seguro social.

Decree No. Viet Nam - Social security general standards - Law, Act. Law on Social Insurance Law No. Law No. Viet Nam - Social security general standards - Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.

Circular No. Adoption : VNMM Also repeals Forms Nos. Amends articles 2 1 d , 8 3 and adds new 8 7 and 8 , article 10, article 15, article 17 2 and 3 , article 34, article 37 and article Guides the implementation of a number of articles of the Social Insurance Law concerning subjects and scope of application; rights and obligations of parties involved in unemployment insurance; unemployment insurance regimes; the unemployment insurance fund; unemployment insurance procedures; and complaints and denunciations about unemployment insurance.

Law on Health Insurance No. Adoption : VNMR Chapter I. General provisions Chapter II. Social insurance regimes sickness, maternity, employment accidents and occupational diseases, retirement, survivors Chapter III. Social insurance funds Chapter IV. Procedures for implementing social insurance Chapter V. Complaints and denunciations abour social insurance Chapter VI.

Implementation provisions. Decision No. Law on Social Insurance No. Adoption : Date of entry into force: Date of partial entry into force: Date of gradual entry into force: VNML General provisions: scope, persons covered, interpretation, branches, principles, state management, rights and obligations of trade unions organizations, rights and responsibilities of employers' representatives, reporting and auditing, prohibited acts Chapter II.

Rights and responsabilities of workers, employers, social insurance organizations Chapter III. Compulsory social insurance: Covers sickness, maternity, employment accidents and occupational diseases, retirement, and survivor's regimes. Chapter IV. Voluntary social insurance: Covers retirement, and survivor's regimes Chapter V. Unemployment insurance Chapter VI. Social insurance funds: compulsory social insurance fund, voluntary social insurance fund, unemployment insurance fund Chapter VII.

Social insurance implementation procedures Chapter IX. Complaints and denunciations about social insurance Chapter X. Commendation, reward, and handling of violations Chapter XI.

Implementation provisions Available in English. Amends and supplements some articles of the Rules on Social Insurance promulgated in conjunction with the Governmental Decree No.

Decision amending and supplementing a number of articles of the regulation on financial management applicable to Vietnam social insurance No. Amends Sections 14 and 18 of the Regulation on financial management applicable to Vietnam Social Insurance. Regulates expenses for managing the operation of Vietnam Social Insurance system as well as allocation and use of profits earned from investment activities and growth of the social insurance fund.

Joint Circular No. Makes provision for a social security regime for workers employed at semi-public, people-funded and private establishments in the area of culture, healthcare, education and training, set up under Government Decree No. Makes provision for dossiers and procedures for evaluation of injuries caused by labour accidents; dossiers and procedures for evaluation of working capacity for the implementation of a retirement regime; dossiers and procedures for evaluation of working capacity affected by occupational diseases; and dossiers on re-evaluation of working capacity for those who are enjoying working capacity loss allowances.

Determines who is entitled to allowance, allowance levels as well as method of allowance calculation. Also makes provision for procedures for consideration of allowance enjoyment and the funding of allowances. Provides for a number of social relief policies to provide material support and assistance to the lonely, elderly, orphans, the seriously disabled, as well as victims of natural calamities and other force majeure.

Directive No. Seeks to improve the execution of the Health Plan by raising the quality of medical examination and treatment as well as of health care for mothers and children, and by consolidating grassroots health networks.

Governs the organization and operation of the Vietnam Health Insurance, which was established under Government Decree No. Chapter IV deals with health insurance of provinces and centrally-run cities, and health insurance of branches. Provides guidelines for the implementation of compulsory health insurance in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Health Insurance issued with Decree ND-CP of the Government.

Regulates subjects, rates and responsibilities for health insurance contributions, methods of health insurance contributions, and issuance of health insurance cards. Decree on Social Insurance No. Amends provisions of the Regulations on Social Insurance Decree CP with regard to calculation of pension benefits and pension benefits of persons who have arduous or hazardous jobs.

Adds a new s. Provides for compulsory medical insurance for all employees in state-owned enterprises, public offices, foreign investment enterprises, export-processing zones, private enterprises with 10 or more employees, and social assistance recipients.

Sets forth amount of benefit for treatment and medical examination. Regulates rights of insurance participants, management and use of funds, voluntary participation in the scheme, and related matters. Provides for compensation for employees or next of kin in cases of an employment accident which results in the death of the employee or a loss of 81 per cent or more of working capacity.

Compensation shall be at least equal to 30 months' wages. This text also applies to apprentices and employees under probation period. Resolution No. Provides general guidelines on the socialization of medical, educational and cultural services so as to achieve social equity in these fields: "the whole leaves protecting the torn ones.

Vocational training schools shall be transformed from state to semi-state institutions. Certain branches of vocational training may be directly attached to state companies; major companies shall be allowed to establish post-graduate schools to develop personnel. The Resolution also encourages semi and full privatization of medical services. Health insurance shall be reformed so as to, inter alia, end discrimination between payers of hospital fees and payers of health insurance.

Circular providing guidelines for implementation of regime for compensation of employees suffering work-related accidents No. Provides that employees, trainees and apprentices in public, private, and foreign-owned enterprises, and independent workers and domestic servants shall be entitled to employment accident benefit.

Provides for responsibility for payment of compensation, rates of compensation, and procedure of payment. Sets forth methods of calculating time a person has spent working in arduous or hazardous conditions for the purposes of social security benefits.

Decision of the Prime Minister No. Regulations on organization and operation of Vietnam Social Insurance issued with decision TTg of 26 September Sets forth povisions regarding the functions, powers and organization of the social security system, the composition and functioning of the Administrative Council, and the financing of the social security fund.

Sets forth provisions governing the calculation of benefit amount for sick leave, maternity leave, employment accident benefit, pension, and survivor's benefit. Grants sick leave for women having abortions. Official English translation available. Government Decree No. Establishes Social Insurance, sets out its powers and defines its organisation and functioning under the direction of a Governing Body including representatives of the VNGFL.

Repeals all previous provisions that are contrary to the Regulations, and establishes the obligatory insurance scheme applicable to persons subject to it under the Labour Code.

The Regulations cover benefits for sickness, maternity, occupational accidents and sickness, retirement and survivors.

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Ucrania - Seguridad social - Ley. Law No. Indexation of wage ; also rephrases Article 96 System of wage payment. Replaces paragraph 6 of Part 2 of Article Liability for violating the labour legislation with 3 new paragraphs.



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