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Standard history Status. Continue shopping. Go to shopping cart. It is intended to guide installations in new buildings or refurbishments, and also applies where cabling is installed to support only one or two of the three application groups listed above. ICT channels specified in this standard include optical fibre, but the wider use of fibre optical cabling in a home is for further study.

The three groups of applications may also be supported by different types of cabling, which may be subject to other International Standards. I would like a response to my comments. To receive a copy of this form, enter your e-mail address. User count Quantity.

A file purchased with a single-user licence can be saved and viewed only on one personal computer and can be printed only twice. Viewing the purchased standard requires Adobe Reader and additionally the FileOpen plugin.

When changing your computer please contact EVS customer support. A file purchased with intranet licence or multi-user licence can be saved either on the number of computers specified by the licence, or on an intranet where the standard may be used simultaneously by the specified number of workstations.

The standard with intranet licence may be printed out for internal use by the organisation only the number of times as specified by the licence.

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Information technology -- Generic cabling for homes



ISO/IEC 15018:2004


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