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IEC provides information, guidance, and recommendations for the selection and application of surge arresters to be used in three-phase systems with nominal voltages above 1 kV. It applies to gapless metal-oxide surge arresters as defined in IEC , to surge arresters containing both series and parallel gapped structure — rated 52 kV and less as defined in IEC and metal-oxide surge arresters with external series gap for overhead transmission and distribution lines EGLA as defined in IEC In Annex J, some aspects regarding the old type of SiC gapped arresters are discussed. Surge arrester residual voltage is a major parameter to which most users have paid a lot of attention to when selecting the type and rating. Typical maximum residual voltages are given in Annex F. It is likely, however, that for some systems, or in some countries, the requirements on system reliability and design are sufficiently uniform, so that the recommendations of the present standard may lead to the definition of narrow ranges of arresters.

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IEC 60099-1

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IEC 60099-1



IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes



BS EN IEC 60099-5:2018


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