Version officielle et complete a jour avec salaires. Thank you so much for your testimony. We will provide that justice. Each of us has an airplane to catch to get home. No matter how many times you scrubbed it with different agents, it seemed as if it permeated the fiberglass, to some degree.

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Version officielle et complete a jour avec salaires. It is also a disease that may manifest itself years after discharge, well after younger veterans leave the service. It is part of the cost of war. We have a working group of experts, people from the Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Benefits Administration, the Office of General Counsel who review that and the recommendations.

As far as the buddy statement, his tank crew members were all killed when he was hit and injured. And we take their concerns very seriously, and we think they raise some very critical points for us to consider.

Secondly, approximately 20 million gallons of herbicides were used in Vietnam between and to remove foliage and vegetation that provided cover for enemy forces during the Vietnam War. Connect the supplied two-wire test cable to the receivers Pins 2 and 3 of P6 X. If the filter is damaged, do not use. This law established a presumption of service connection for seven categories of diseases and conditions for any veteran held as a prisoner of war.

But this bill contemplates that all veterans in a combat zone are faced with the same difficulty in documenting treatment for injury or illness. But I will say this, I know that if a veteran presents, icc example, to a clinic or a counseling center and they are in distress they are not turned away. During that time, many of these veterans suffered and died while their government looked the other way. SHAD training used the simulants and chemical decontamination agents ldcc in training; in other words, we were exposed to health hazards almost continuously, and what we used as training was what the other vessels that were involved in and so forth considered as being in a test.

Faull, a one-year time period does not seem to take into account the nature of ALS, since the disease is difficult to diagnose and can in fact go undiagnosed for some period of time.

Chairman, I would like to mention how pleased I am that ircc have also included H. I am a little bit outside of my lane. My question as a veteran with ALS trying to establish a connection is, what additional proof must I provide? Use either viewing port for Step How many of us on active duty actually thought we would succumb to muscle twitching? I would like to have—when studies of our operations done and our exposures examined, I would like to have Commander Norman LaChapelle and myself, people who were involved in the planning, operation, and execution of the tests, be part of the , at least idcx closely consulted with what actually occurred.

I also help them through the Veterans Administration, the tangle of paperwork that they have to go through, and make sure that they understand what they are entitled to for their benefits. There is a singular need for these services in our rural communities. I sent off an e-mail to the gentleman. Fortunately, veterans enrolled for VA health care with health problems related to PCB exposure while on active duty do not have to wait for such a study to seek health care and disability compensation from VA.

Depleted uranium DUwhich is the subject idcd the first bill, is an incredibly effective weapon, but its residue has a half life of 4 billion years, and evidence indicates that it is a carcinogen.

My second ircc, H. When he returned from Vietnam, Terry was diagnosed by healthcare professionals as suffering from severe PTSD resulting from his service in Vietnam. You will also hear more from our colleagues at this table about H.

So in order to be completely correct, that is a question I would like to take back for the record and provide you a more thorough response.

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