Ni-Co laterite deposits. Nickel-cobalt Ni-Co laterite deposits are an important source of nickel Ni. Currently, there is a decline in magmatic Ni-bearing sulfide lode deposit resources. New efforts to develop an alternative source of Ni, particularly with improved metallurgy processes, make the Ni-Co laterites an important exploration target in anticipation of the future demand for Ni. This deposit model provides a general description of the geology and mineralogy of Ni-Co laterite deposits, and contains discussion of the influences of climate, geomorphology relief , drainage, tectonism, structure, and protolith on the development of favorable weathering profiles.

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UR 10 Performance Analysis. While working with the UR robot arm, it has become apparent that some commands have undesired behaviour when operating the robot arm through a socket connection, sending one command at a time. This report is a collection of the results optained when testing the performance of the different Theatrum Mundi: Ur -Hamlet. Om Odin Teatrets dramaturgier og om Barbas dramaturgi-begreb relateret til forestillingen Ur -Hamlet To present the results achieved in the treatment of distal ureteral stones treated at the Lithotripsy Unit of the San Cecilio University Hospital over the last 10 years Ureterolithotomy was required on 7 occasions.

Sedation-analgesia with fentanyl and midazolam was routinely used in URS. The ESWL retreatment rate was 1. We advocate the use of outpatient URS with sedation preferably in the female patient, impacted stones, obstructive uropathy, stones larger than 2 cm and radiotransparent stones. UR Plan: Informational Complications associated with ureterorenoscopy URS related to treatment of urolithiasis.

In this paper, we analysed the database for intra For more meaningful comparison with the experimental data, it is also important that hydrodynamics be coupled to the hadronic afterburner. The Coca-Cola Company has been superior on the market for over a century. It has also developed along with the urbanisation of its society, which is interesting in a modernization perspective.

The essay investigates the marketing strategies of the company, with focus on three themes: gend The movement continues : En kvalitativ textanalys av Donald Trump ur ett propagandaperspektiv. The history of rhetorics in documentary film is a long one. Propaganda filming has a big part in the history of docume Automationsplaneringen bestod av elritningar och programmering.

Skyggedom av enkepensjonsdommen. Forenkling av tekniske systemer. De fleste moderne kontorbygg har omfattende tekniske installasjoner.

Mange byggeiere opplever at dagens kompliserte tekniske anlegg ikke fungerer som de skal. Kan en kraftig forenkling av ventilasjons-, oppvarmings- og A Proposal of the Ur -proteome. Herein we outline a plausible proteome, encoded by assuming a primeval RNY genetic code.

We unveil the primeval phenotype by using only the RNA genotype; it means that we recovered the most ancestral proteome, mostly made of the 8 amino acids encoded by RNY triplets. By looking at those fragments, it is noticeable that they are positioned, not at catalytic sites, but in the cofactor binding sites.

It implies that the stabilization of a molecule appeared long before its catalytic activity, and therefore the Ur -proteome comprised a set of proteins modules that corresponded to Cofactor Stabilizing Binding Sites CSBSs , which we call the primitive bindome.

With our method, we reconstructed the structures of the "first protein modules" that Sobolevsky and Trifonov found by using only RMSD. We also examine the probable cofactors that bound to them. We discuss the notion of CSBSs as the first proteins modules in progenotes in the context of several proposals about the primitive forms of life.

En av gutta. The AV Workflow is web application which allows cern users to publish, update and delete videos from cds. During my summer internship I implemented the backend of the new version of the AV Worklow in python using the django framework.

Validering av Evolution Ultralydfremstilling av fostervekst. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Ultrasound measurements of fetal size are used for age, size and growth assessment, but the statistical design and analysis are different for each of these purposes.

Physiological ranges for fetal growth are wide and the identification of fetal. Helseeffekter av byluftpartikler. The relative risk RR was approximately 1. Chronic exposure has been investigated to a lesser extent, but longterm exposure to PM2. Experimental studies with volunteers in chamber and field studies show mild lung or cardiovascular responses at concentrations of ambient particles PM2.

Animal studies at higher concentrations have shown stronger responses. The experimental studies support the epidemiological evidence for an adverse health effect of PM.

Both population- and experimental studies indicate the existence of vulnerable individuals. At low to average ambient concentrations there seems to exist a discrepancy between the results of population- and experimental studies that might be due to the absence of the most vulnerable individuals in the experimental studies. Together with cell culture experiments, human and animal studies indicate the importance of physical and chemical properties of the particles size, content of metals, organics, endotoxins, etc.

Annually, the Wageningen UR open course programme for mid-career professionals provides some six hundred individuals with the opportunity to update their competencies and insights. Bion gir i sin psykoanalytiske teori. Samtliga a Verdsettelse av Bremnes Seashore AS. Lokalisering av arbeidsplasser og boliger. Motorsystem : Roderstyrning av autonom segelrobot. Effektivisering av arbetet med rumsbeskrivningar. A proposed new space radio astronomy mission for astrometry is described.

The goals of AVS are improving astrometry accuracy to the microarcsecond level and improving the accuracy of the transformation between the inertial radio and optical coordinate reference frames. The ultimate goals of AVS are improving the accuracy of radio astrometry measurements to the microarcsecond level in one epoch of measurements and improving the accuracy of the transformation between the inertial radio and optical coordinate reference frames.

This study will also assess the impact of this mission on astrophysics astrometry and geophysics. A nephritic colic is the clinical picture that evidences the presence of ureteral stones, the natural evolution being their spontaneous passing. The adoption of a "watchful wait" involves an uncertain occupational and medical evolution since, although in some cases the stones will pass with no problems, in other instances they can result in severe, life threatening situations for the patient's health intractable pain, anuria or sepsis.

When a decision is made to treat the condition, there are two choices available: "in situ" SWEL extracorporeal lithotrity , or URS ureterorenoscopy , long-standing conflicting techniques each with its own advantages and disadvantages, which should now be considered complementary. SWEL's major disadvantage is the number of repetitions required and the long wait, sometimes even months, until the last fragment is passed.

We achieve No serious complications were recorded. Morbidity is variable with little clinical significance. The choice in each particular case and within each hospital will depend on availability of means to perform one or the other, equipment's efficiency, skill of the urologist, patient's preference and cost of each treatment. Klubbhusverksamheten - Betydelse av dagligt arbete. Simulering av muskelaktivitet vid pedalbromsning. Bruk av kartleggingsresultater i forbedringsarbeid.

Analysis of journal usage by Wageningen UR staff members via article references. The research activities of Wageningen University and Research or Wageningen UR are concentrated around food and food production, living environment and health, lifestyle and livelihood.

To facilitate the scientific information access of Wageningen UR staff members, the library strives to provide a. URS Altiva — a new oat cultivar with high agronomic performance. URS Brava — a new oat cultivar with partial resistance to crown rust. Bibliometric analyses on repository contents for the evaluation of research at Wageningen UR. Since the last two decennia, Wageningen UR Library has been involved in bibliometric analyses for the evaluation of scientific output of staff, chair groups and research institutes of Wageningen UR.

In these advanced bibliometric analyses several indicator scores, such as the number of publications,. Recent developments on the Ur QMD hybrid model. Steinheimer, J. We present recent results from the Ur QMD hybrid approach investigating the influence of a deconfinement phase transition on the dynamics of hot and dense nuclear matter. In the hydrodynamic stage an equation of state that incorporates a critical end-point CEP in line with lattice data is used.

The equation of state describes chiral restoration as well as the deconfinement phase transition. We compare the results from this new equation of state to results obtained by applying a hadron resonance gas equation of state, focusing on bulk observables. Furthermore we will discuss future improvements of the hydrodynamic model. This includes the formulation of chiral fluid dynamics to be able to study the effects of a chiral critical point as well as considerable improvements in terms of computational time which would open up possibilities for observables that require high statistics.

Saini, Abhilasha, E-mail: kashvini. The field of high energy physics is very challenging in carrying out theories and experiments to unlock the secrets of heavy ion collisions and still not cracked and solved completely. There are many theoretical queries; some may be due to the inherent causes like the non-perturbative nature of QCD in the strong coupling limit, also due to the multi-particle production and evolution during the heavy ion collisions which increase the complexity of the phenomena.

So for the purpose of understanding the phenomena, variety of theories and ideas are developed which are usually implied in the form of Monte-Carlo codes.

These methods are useful in modeling the nuclear collisions. However, as I will show in this paper, such a definition is problematic, particularly because of the relation that Arendt establishes between power and authority, her decision to separate the social and the political, and her understanding of ideology, philosophy, and common sense in politics. Full Text Available Bean rust, caused by Uromyces appendiculatus, is a devastating disease of common bean Phaseolus vulgaris in the Americas and Africa.

The historically important Ur -3 gene confers resistance to many races of the highly variable bean rust pathogen that overcome other rust resistance genes. Existing molecular markers tagging Ur -3 for use in marker-assisted selection produce false results. Here, we describe the fine mapping of the Ur -3 locus for the development of highly accurate markers linked to Ur


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Assessment of nutritional status in haemodialysis patients. Sin embargo, no existe un consenso para evaluarla. Malnutrition is a common problem and a risk factor of mortality in haemodialysis patients. However, there is no consensus for its assessment.





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