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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future. Page 3: About Condensation When the unit arrow, for example: l 00 becomes accustomed to the surrounding temperature, fogginess will disappear naturally.

Page 5 Dubbing with a Blu-ray disc recorder, Reading the operating instructions of video devices, etc The only batteries suitable for use with this unit are genuine Panasonic products and batteries manufactured by other companies and certified by Panasonic.

Batteries which do not support this function cannot be used. Page Charging The Battery When recording for a long time, keep the AC adaptor connected and use it together with the battery. Page Charging And Recording Time However, it will be constantly displayed when the remaining battery time becomes less than 30 minutes. The actual time can vary depending on your actual use. Turning the unit on and off with the power button Open the LCD monitor and press the power button to turn on the unit.

Change the mode to Select the menu. Press the button halfway. Size of still pictures Page Intelligent Auto Mode Basic Intelligent Auto Mode The following modes appropriate for the condition are set just by pointing the unit to what you want to record.

Intelligent auto button Pressing the Intelligent auto button can change the Recording Mode. Depending on the brightness of the subject etc. Page 30 Select the playback operation by touching the operation icon. To display them again, touch the screen.

Touch the desired menu. Icon Function Page If the home region has already been set once, execute the menu operation for Step 1.

When this is set to [OFF], it does not light during recording. Touch [YES]. Page 43 [O. DEMO], the demonstration automatically starts. When you touch [EXIT], the demonstration will be cancelled. Page Ring Zoom Ring zoom Zoom operation can be done using the multi manual ring. This unit is equipped with Hybrid Optical Image Stabilizer. Mode Effect You can switch the mode to the Intelligent Auto Mode, Intelligent Auto which optimises settings to the recording environment you are in.

If you touch the screen, you can readjust the horizontal position of the in-focus portion. Setup time Setup example Recording time Recorded time Mode Effect 5Sports To make fast moving scenes less shaky with slow playback and pause of playback Portrait To make people stand out against the background Soft Skin To makes skin colours appear softer for a more attractive appearance Spotlight Page White Balance White Balance Automatic White Balance function may not reproduce natural colours depending on the scenes or lighting conditions.

If so, you can adjust the White Balance manually. Touch [WB]. Iris: Adjust it when the screen is too bright or too dark. If auto focusing is difficult due to the conditions, then use Manual Focus. Page Recording With The Touch Function Advanced Recording Recording with the Touch function You can record using convenient functions just by the easy operation of touching the screen.

Touch the Touch function icon. Page 60 Level Shot This function detects the horizontal tilt of the unit, and automatically corrects it to the level position before recording. The focus and exposure will keep following the subject automatically even if it moves.

With this function, you can further reduce the effects of the shake that tends to occur when using zoom. Page Recording Functions Of Operation Icons Advanced Recording Recording functions of operation icons Select the operation icons to add different effects to the images to be recorded. Touch an operation icon.

Page 67 Built-in flash When the button is pressed, the flash is activated and the picture will be recorded. Use the Built-in flash in order to record still pictures in dark places. The icon changes each time it is touched. Page Backlight Compensation Self-timer This is for recording still pictures using the timer. Page Colour Night View Guidelines You can check if the image is level while recording or playing back motion pictures and still pictures.

The function can also be used to estimate the balance of the composition. Zoom 12k]: Optical zoom only Up to 12k [i. Zoom 25k]: This zoom function allows you to maintain high-definition picture quality. Zoom 12k]. This function makes it possible to keep the face of your loved ones in focus even when they are at the back or on the end of a line in a group picture.

Icon Description of operation [A] etc. Enters a character. Moves the cursor to left or right. Enters a space. Larger faces and faces nearer to the centre of the screen take preference over others. Page Mic Setup [5. Select the menu. It makes the adjustment of the brightness of the object easier, by checking the luminance level of the object, when recording same object in different surroundings.

Adjust the brightness using [IRIS]. Use this function to record an object with fast movement. The picture size is k Page Advanced Playback Advanced Playback Playback Operations Motion picture playback using operation icon For details on the basic playback operations, refer to page Playback operation Playback display Operating steps During Playback Touch the LCD monitor and slide from right to left from left to right during playback.

Touch the thumbnail to be played back. Touch and hold the part you wish to zoom in on during still picture playback. Touch and hold the screen to zoom in from the normal display to k2, Touch the screen to zoom in from k2 to k4.

Touch the date select icon. The scenes or the still pictures recorded on the date selected are displayed as thumbnails. Page Highlight Playback Highlight Playback Part that was recognised as clearly recorded is extracted from multiple scenes, and it can be played back or stored in a short time with effects and music added.

It is also possible to create an original Highlight Playback by checking your favourite scenes and setting up to extract those scenes. Touch [Add] and add the favourite part. HC-XM The recorded scenes will be saved in the built-in memory. The deleted scenes cannot be restored.

Any unwanted parts in the scene can be deleted after dividing. This divides the recorded scenes in two and deletes the front half or back half. The scenes that were deleted after division cannot be recovered. Page Deleting Personal Information Deleting personal information Deletes Face Recognition information from scenes in which faces were recognised. Page Combining of the relay scene cannot be performed if the available space on the SD card is less than the volume of the relayed scene in the built-in memory.

Page Select the video input on the TV. Select the [Video 2] channel with an AV cable. The name of the channel may differ depending on the connected TV. For more information, please read the operating instructions for the TV.

Change the mode to to play back. Refer to the operating instructions of the TV for the operations that support on the TV. Page Converting the recording format When [ ] is selected, the recording format will be converted.

Touch [YES] and select the copying method. Page If you will delete the motion pictures or still pictures after copying is complete, be sure to play back the motion pictures or still pictures to check that they have been copied to correctly before deleting.

HC-XM Touch the media you want to copy. To dub iFrame and MP4 scenes, refer to page Touch the screen to turn the LCD monitor on. Change the video input on the video device and TV that this unit is connected Before using the respective Wi-Fi functions, check and prepare your device. Monitor] You can confirm the recording screen of this unit from outside using a smartphone. Image App Caution: This function is not designed for anti-theft or disaster use.


Panasonic HC-X920 Operating Instructions Manual

The Panasonic HC-X and other products you use every day were certainly offered in the manual set. Many instructions, immediately after the purchase, go into the trash along with the box, which is a mistake. Get acquainted with the information concerning the manual for Panasonic HC-X, which will help you to avoid troubles in the future. If you do not want to read brochures every time concerning a Panasonic HC-X or other products, it is enough to read them once only - just after buying the device. You will then acquire basic knowledge to maintain Panasonic HC-X in good operating condition to make it easily reach the intended life cycle. Then you can put away the manual on a shelf and use it again only in a situation where you're not sure whether you perform maintenance of the product appropriately. Proper maintenance is a necessary part of your satisfaction from Panasonic HC-X


Panasonic HC-X920

Latest Product 19Nov In addition to the excellent color reproduction and high-resolution images that the 3MOS system is known for, the new 3MOS System Pro delivers greatly enhanced image quality, particularly in images shot in dimly lit situations. Manual Ring The manual ring gives you easy, fingertip control over the iris, focus, zoom and exposure settings. Electronic Viewfinder EVF This extendable ,dot equivalent viewfinder makes it easy to see the shooting scene under bright sunlight that makes the LCD difficult to see. This function corrects even slight tilting that is difficult to see with the bare eyes. This lets users deliver live images to people with Internet access around the world.

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