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About this e-book: This e-book was prepared from a reprint published by Dover Publications, Inc. In this e-book, each volume is in a separate HTML document. See this footnote for the editor's explanation of the musical examples and the boxed rehearsal numbers. Obvious printer errors have been corrected without note. Other apparent errors are underlined in red with a popup Transcriber's Note. About the music: Midi or MP3 files have been provided for all music examples except for single-note examples, and tables of instrument ranges and chords.

Click on the [Listen] link to hear the music. All MP3 files were created by the Transcriber using Finale with Garritan Personal Orchestra, which employs sound samples of actual musical instruments, except for vocal solos. They reflect primarily the sound of the music, not its appearance. Some workarounds were employed to address minor limitations and bugs in Finale and Garritan that affected the sound e.

Obvious printer errors have been corrected without note; other questionable items are noted in the MusicXML file. For each music example in Volume II , a link has been provided back to the page in Volume I on which the example is referenced. Extract from the Author's preface Extract from the Preface to the last edition. Chapter I. Percussion instruments producing determinate sounds, keyed instruments.

Comparison of resonance in orchestral groups, and combination of different tone qualities. Melody in different groups of instruments combined together. Chapter V. The Stage band. Chapter VI Supplementary.


Garritan Interactive PRINCIPLES OF ORCHESTRATION by Rimsky-Korsakov: Northern Sound Source

I am pleased to welcome you to this Interactive Edition of "Principles of. Rimsky-Korsakov's genius for orchestration is unsurpassed and the re may be n. Orchestration is essen. In this revised internet edition, we have attempted to remain faithful to the ori. In the original written. Rimsky-Korsakov's own works, but what was lacking was the ability to hear th. One of the best ways to learn orchestration is by simultaneously listening and.


Welcome to the Garritan Interactive PRINCIPLES OF - Synapse Music

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