This page is copyright by mike butkus. Butkus, N. Butkus, 29 Lake Ave. These donations allow me to continue to buy new manuals and maintain these pages. It'll make you feel better, won't it? If you use Pay Pal, use the link below.

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This page is copyright by mike butkus. Butkus, N. Butkus, 29 Lake Ave. These donations allow me to continue to buy new manuals and maintain these pages. It'll make you feel better, won't it? If you use Pay Pal, use the link below. Use the above address for a check, M. Use the E-mail of butkusmi ptd.

The large manuals are split only for easy download size. English Pages , whileyou readthis manual. Frangais Pages , ,, , ,,, : Se reporter aux illustrationsen lisant le mode d'emploi,. Espafrol Pdginas ii :: ,,, ,. Consultelas ilustraciones. Lr ::' -f1. Lt i3' n til Es' H.! I- EZ E i2o-l. Pleasefollowthe instructions carefully. A wordon the camera'sautofocussystem 6,. When 4eSpoolShaft Buttons the built-inflash is used,the shutteroperatesfor the range F i l mT a k e - u pC h a m b e r from the high speed to 2 second slow shutter speed.

Thisillustration shows allsigns and indicatorsdisplayedin the LCD. I DistanceUnit Sign m 4 Setting of the film speed. Again,startfromthecenterin a circularmotionthenmove t outto the edges. Forsettingthe self-timer Neverdo it becausethisis oneof the maincausesof scratches o FlashButton t on cameralenses. Forpoppingup andturningon the flash. Scratches on theAutofocusWin- 7 Forchangingfocallengthtowardthe teleandwide. Liquid crystaldisplay G. Whenhandlingit,takesuf- hightemperature around60 "C, it will returnto normalat an I ficientcareandobservethefollowinginstructions.

Cleaningthe camera displaytendsto becomeslower. Butthisis a naturalcharacter- o Do not use solvents,suchas thinneror alcohol,to cleanyour isticof the liquidcrystaland it doesnot meananythingwrong. Battery note tures. To cleanit, dustoft withan air blowerandwipethe cam- o Thoughbatteryperformance will generallybe reducedby low eraexteriorwitha softclothsuchas siliconcloth. Cleaningthe lens poweris low,the cameramaywill not operateat lowtempera- o Scratches on the lenssurfacecan reduceitssharpnessfar more tures.

Takesparebatteries along G s. Blowoff dustanddebrisfromthe lenssurfacewithan air blower. O Moistena sheetof lenscleaning paperwitha commerciallyavail- 5. The workingtemperaturerange ablelenscleaningfluidandwipethe lensgentlywithit in a cir- rangefor this camerais 'C to o The workingtemperature ll4 cularmotion. Storage precautlons o What is a "Bar Code System"? Be sure to put the lens cap on the lens. This system allows the film to be easily and correcfly loaded simply by insertingthe leader paper into the slot on the take-up 7.

Film loading and unloading spool. To be more specific,the round opening in the leader pa- r Alwaysload and unload film in subdued light. Useof filmwiththe bar codesystemeliminates erroneousfilm andpreventserroneous settings use of film. Automatically setwitha barcodesystemfilmloaded. Automatic first-frame positioning alignment of startmarkis not tiu o Focusing necessary , automatic winding,provided withbuzzerfor indi- Hybrid activetypeandpassivetype autofocus system,1.

Minute ,shootingdistance, totalshotsindicator. Open the battery compartmentcover Fig. Insert the batteries Fig. Do not mixnewandold ones. Checkthe batteries Fig.

Conditionof batteries Fig. Replacethebatteries withnewones. Sincethe batterycapacityis low,the shutterlockis apptied Replacethe batteries withnewones. Afterchangingthe batteries,the dataformatis initiallyset to " - - - :k When the shutter speed is set to "Bulb"," brL " will be displayed - - -" printing otf. Year Month Day can be changed in the followingsequence when- The displayof the datain the formatwhichyou haveset willturn ever the SelectingDial is set from OFF to ISO with the Zoom Lever on for fivesecondsafteryou removeyourfingerfromthe Button, pressed downward Wide angle side.

Dataprintingexample Fig. The printedexposuredata outside O Adjustthe straplengthproperlywiththe Buckle. Thestrapendswillpassthrough andflashusedor not. Whentheflashis turned onundertheP modebutthelightis so brightthattheflashis not 2. Put on the lens cap Fig.

Set the date Fig. Tocleanthelens,referto "Cleaningthe lens"on page TheYearnumber will blink. When the Year number has started 3. Put on the lens hood and filter Fig. The Placethe indicatoron the lenshoodupwardas shownin the fig- nextnumber Month will then blink.

Set the number correctly ure,putthe hoodintothe frontof the lensbarrelandturnit to the as describedin above. Be surenotto use the lenshoodotherthanthatcomeswith yourcamera. Second will be zero-set,the film speed lSO will Usecommercially available 52 mm diameterfilters. Be sureto resetthe data. Attachthe neck strap Fig. Usethe soft case Fig. Opening and closing the camera back Fig.

To close the Camera Back, press it gently against the body till you hear the snapping sound. Most films the filmis woundup are wound up after 2.

Setting the pressure plate Fag. Then,"E" frame,and "E" will be system is used. The camera automaticallysets the pressureplate willbe displayed. W h e n a c o n v e n t i o n a lf i l m w i t h o u t Resultof Expo- Accurate focusing may not be made when the bar code is used, set the pressure plate. Turned counterclockwise:"" o While roll film is attachedto an opaque backing paper over i t s e n t i r e l e n g t h ,s u c h p a p e r i s u s e d o n l y o n b o t h e n d s o f 2 2 0 Leave your finger from the Data Button to end the setting.

The thicknessof the backingpaper causes a shift in the 4. Press in the spool shaft buttons Fig. The Spool Film [ this differencewhile keepingthe film flat on the focal plane.

Replacethe empty spool Fig. Be sure. Be careful,however,not to wind z 0urcnase. Insert the film in the Film Chamber on the left side , then press in theFilmLoadingKnob tillyou hear the snappingsound and it draws 9. Set the film speed lSO Fig. Pull out the leader paper Fig.

When turned clockwise : UP Insertthe tip into the slot of the take-upspool. The round open- When turned counterclockwise:DOWN ing in the leader paper head will be hooked to the claw on the slotof the take-up spool. Set the film to the first frame Fig. T h e f i l m w i l l t h e n slotpositionso it can be readily seen. Wfren the Selecting Dial has already been set to "P", "A", "As" or "M", the film will automaticallyadvance to the first frame po- 8.

Wind the leader paper Flg. When you are using rollfilm, wind it in by about 3 to has been expired,or improperlystored film is used, the camera 5 t u r n s a b o u t1 5 c m a r o u n dt h e s p o o l. In this case, the shutteris locked and the I ff you wind the film by only 'l to 2 turns around the Spool camera does not work.

Set ISO number and changeoverthe pres- Set the camerato the programmedauto exposuremode picture. Blinkswhenit is notsuitedfor correctexposure.


Fujifilm GA645Zi

The Fuji GAZi lens is a ten element in ten group design with a 1. It has an equivalence in format of approximately mm. The Fuji GAZi is pretty cool and has a lot of neat features, especially the zoom lens; how many medium format cameras have a fixed zoom? Manufactured by ; Fuji Photo Film Co.


Fujifilm GA645

A more uncommon black version was released one year later. The GAzi uses a mm zoom lens with a 52mm filter thread. There are four zoom lengths 55, 65, 75 and 90mm. It has a minimum focus distance of 1. A electronic self-timer is available with a delay of 10 seconds.


FujiFilm GA645Zi Manuals


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