The Magus, or Celestial Intelligencer is a handbook of the occult and ceremonial magic compiled by occultist Francis Barrett published in Much of the material was actually collected by Barrett from older occult handbooks, as he hints in the preface:. Previous demonologists such as Binsfeld had drawn up lists that comprised a hierarchy of devils, and attributed them with the power to instigate people to commit the seven deadly sins. Lucifer was associated with Pride , Satan with Anger and so forth. In The Magus Barrett altered the "roster of devils" and Satan now became a prince of deluders serving conjurers and witches.

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Add to wishlist. View larger. Quantity Add to cart. No customer reviews for the moment. Tratado elemental Magia experimental Formulario de El gran libro de Magia-Su ritual, El libro de la Los secretos de Practica de conjurar Las velas en la La baraja gitana Hechizos de Amor Frabato el Mago Hechizos de Amor Dogma y Ritual de Attanasio A. Castells A. Grad A. Espanet A. Carr A. Takur A. Krumm-Heller A. Malabre, jr Alice A. Eisen - Linda B.

Allan Wallace B. Legrais y G. Altenbach B. Norman Shealy - Carolin Myss C. Godefroy Christian H. Godefroy- D. Harvey Claude Cueni Claudio A. Hawkins David S. Harding Dr. Adrian Schulte Dr. Alain Horvilleur Dr. Andrew Yorke Dr. Axel F.

Wenzel- Anne Greveling Dr. Bernhard Uehleke- DR. Hans-Dieter Hentschel Dr. Bruce Fife Dr. Carlos Rubio Saez Dr. Dana Ullman Dr. Donald L. Wilson Dr. Edis Buscarons Dr. Eduard Criado Dr.

Edward Bach Dr. Eric Mein Dr. Francisco J. Varela Dr. Gary Evans Dr. Harry Alder Dr. Harvey M. Ross Dr. William Lane-Linda Comac Dr. Ian Stevenson Dr. Israel Regardie Dr. Jaap van der Wal Dr. Jacques Boulet Dr. James C. Paupst Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh Dr.

John C. Pierrakos Dr. John E. Sarno Dr. Jorge Adoum Dr. Juan A. Armengol Dr. Juan Circuns Espelt Dr. Kai Kermani Dr. Laurence J. Peter Dr. Lumir Bardon Dr. Manuel Arrieta Dr. Marc Ams Dr. Mario Alonso Puig Dr. Michael Colgan Dr. Michel Odent Dr. Miguel Ruiz Dr. Miquel Pros Dr. Ovidi Rebaudi Dr. Paul Dupont Dr. Randolph Stone Dr. Raul Ibarra Dr. Ray Sahelian Dr. Raymond A. Moody, JR Dr.

Richard Berger- Deborah Berger Dr. Robert-Michael Kaplan Dr. Samuel Sagan Dr. Tag Powell y Judith L.


El Mago - Francis Barrett



Magia Talismánica


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