The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage" within the product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance servicing instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. Read Instructions - All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the appliance is operated. Retain Instructions - The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Fostex digital multitracker owner'smanual fd-4 pages. Fostex digital multitracker owner's manual fd-8 pages. Fostex mr-8 digital multitracker owner's manual pages. Fostex digital multitracker recorder owner's manual vr pages.

Page 4 Recording onto the master recorder Page 5 Setting the external recorder The digital mixer section features a high-performance DSP multi-effect processor employing the A. Fostex Advanced Signal Processing technology originally developed by Fostex. Do not use an AC outlet of any other voltage. All users, including those who are familiar with using tape-based Multitracker and those who are new to Multitracker, should read this section thoroughly to understand the functions of the VF Page 9: Additional Track These files audio files and silent files are called "events".

With the VF08, you can create up to events per track. You cannot make any further recording when events are created. In the normal use, events are enough. Page Trim ABS 0 is the reference position for managing all the location and related to other time bases. The example below shows the current recorder posi- tion is at beat 1 of bar Data recorded in the disk may be erased. Page 16 Names and functions Pressing this key again switches the monitor back to Repro monitor.

In the scrub mode, you can scrub audio forward or backward digitally. Therefore, there is no need to newly assemble a hard disk or to format the hard disk. Page 20 About the hard disk storage device Unscrew the four screws from the bottom of the main unit that are fixing the panel. Turn over the panel that the hard disk is fixed according to the instructions shown in the figure below.

Note that hard disk cables will be connected. Turn ON the VF08 after plugging the power cable in the electric outlet. The VF08 will startup. Page Basic Recording And Playback Connections of external equipment You can connect various sound sources and external devices to the input and output connectors of the VF08 as shown in the example below. There are 8 recording tracks Tracks 1 through 8 and you can record onto any desired track s.

The VF08 uses the direct recording method. In this You can see the meter for Track 1 also moving. By rais- ing the Track 1 fader, you can make overdubbing onto tracks 3 and 4 while listening to playback of track 1. You can locate a mark position immediately, as well as use mark positions for the punch in and out points, beginning and end points for repeat and editing points for track editing such as copy, move, erase, etc.

You can set the points either during playback and while stopped. Page Mixing Mixing After recording all tracks 1 through 8 , you can tailor the sound of each track. The following describes about settings for level, pan, EQ and effects. Page Setting Effects 2 and 3 above repeatedly. You can select any one of the types depending on the usage.

Page Mixer Functions Initial condition when turning on the power When turning on the power, the VF08 starts up while showing the unit information on the LCD display and then gets ready when the screen below appears.

This screen is called "Normal Screen", in which the program number and current recorder position are shown. Page Mix Parameter Edit To adjust the pan position for another track, repeat steps 2 and 3 above. Mixer Functions The first time you bring up the EQ screen, this entry is selected. Page Editing Effects To understand various effect functions, we recommend to operate the unit while hearing how the actual effect sound changes.

Advanced Signal Processing technology and provides the high-performance ambience effect that is comparable to professional reverb units.

By selecting a suitable effect type, you can process the sound as you wish. You can also edit the parameters of the selected effect type to create your own effect sounds. Page Effect Parameter Details Effect parameter details The parameters that can be adjusted will depend on the parameter type. Reverb effect parameters parameter type: REVERB For effect types of the preceding "Effect type" table, the following four parameters can be adjusted.

Depth Adjust the chorus depth. Range: 3. You can store a set of desired parameter settings to each memory. Items to be stored include all parameters set by mix parameter editing functions, as well as all track fader levels.

In addition to Scene memories, the VF08 also provides 10 Temporary memories T00 to T09 that can be used with all programs in common.

The selected scene is recalled and the display changes to the Normal display. Deleting a scene You can delete an unnecessary Scene or Temporary memory by using the following procedure. Page Scene Sequence Using the scene sequence function, you can recall desired scene memories at the desired mark positions during playback. To execute the scene sequence function, you must first assign scene or temporary memories to marks in the mark map. The VF08 is "cueing" in the forward direction at 64x the normal speed.

The VF08 is "cueing" in the backward direction at 64x the normal speed. The VF08 enters the scrub mode, and the display shows the screen below. With the vari pitch function, the pitch changes according to the speed. Page Loop Function Using the loop function, you can repeat the desired part between the Start and End points. The "seconds" value blinks, showing that it can be ed- ited.

The "seconds" value blinks. You can make recording against each program or playback materials recorded on each program. This section describe program-related operations. Creating a new program When formatting a hard disk, a program P01 is au- tomatically created.

Page Selecting A Program Selecting a program When more than one program exists on the disk, you have to select the desired program before starting operations for recording, playback or editing. Select the desired program by following the procedure below while the recorder is stopped and the display shows the Normal screen. Because the VF08 uses a 3. Using the digital scrub function, set the Start, End and To points. See "Storing the digital scrub point" for details about how to set the points.

Letting the recorder run in playback or recording mode and pass through the auto punch-in point while the auto punch mode is active 4. Turning off the power of the VF08 5. Performing any of the program operations select, rename or delete. You can select a track or tracks of which you are going to erase data from among each individual track, each pair of tracks, and Page Track Exchange Track Exchange The track exchange function allows you to exchange tracks regardless of whether they are real or addi- tional tracks on the program in single track unit, 2- track unit or 8-track unit.

By using this function, you can exchange tracks not only among real tracks but also between real and additional tracks, allowing to use tracks effectively. Page Editing Marks Recorder Functions This section describes how to edit marks, assuming that more than one mark is already stored in realtime accord- ing to the operations described in "Chapter 2 Basic Recording and Playback".

Viewing the mark list You can view the marks stored. The Mark map screen appears. Page Advanced Operation It also can output the metronome sound click according to the tempo map, allowing you to record materials at the specific tempo without the need of an external metronome or rhythm machine. The metronome sound can be output from Track 6 of the VF08 when you set "Click? Page Track Bounce Ping-Pong Recording When the number of empty tracks is short in the recording process, you can solve the problem by transferring audio on the multiple already-recorded tracks to a different track or tracks.

This operation is called "Track bounce" or "Ping-pong recording". In the training mode, you can slow down the playback speed or altering the pitch, making it easy to play along with your favorite musicians or transcribing ad-lib phrases.

You can see the level is going up via the stereo output level meters L and R on the screen. See "Selecting a program" for the operation. When the recording signal is digitally transferred from the VF08 to the recorder, because a digital recorder usu- ally does not provide the function for controlling the digital input level, you must adjust the recording level by controlling the stereo output level of the VF08 us- ing the [MASTER] fader.

Page Digital Recording Digital recording You can digitally record an external digital source to the VF08, or stereo output signals of the VF08 to an external digital recorder. This section describes how to make digital recording between the VF08 and an external digital device.

It can also carry out the proper operation upon receiving an MMC from outside. If a digital signal is output to an external digital Connecting to an external digital recorder Page 83 "Wait time" starts counting down.

For the first several seconds, the VF08 transmits the pilot signal that will be a reference for locating the tape position during the load operation, and the actual data saving starts from the position at which "Wait


Fostex VF08 User Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Fostex digital multitracker owner'smanual fd-4 pages.


Fostex VF08 Owner's Manual

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