Account Options Entrar. Mental Abacus Book 2 focuses on advanced abacus topics, and it is a complete learning package on multiplication and division. Every concept and technique involved is explained thoroughly with plenty of examples and various diagrams. Advanced concepts, theories and techniques are explained not only by plain words, but also with massive illustrations. Numerous examples with demonstration further strengthen the study effectiveness. Just enter any multiplication or division equation, Abaculator will show you every step with detailed description and explanation.

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Ele: Amo. Ela: Mais do que tudo no mundo todo? Ele: No mundo todo e fora dele. Ele: Faz um teste. Ela: Eu ou fios de ovos. Ela: Daqueles com calda grossa, que a gente chupa o fio e a calda escorre pelo queixo. Ela: Futebol. Ela: Faz muito calor. Ela: Cheiro de livro novo. Solo de sax alto. Canetinha japonesa. Bateria de escola de samba. Hora no dentista cancelada. Filme com escadaria curva. Letra do Aldir Blanc. Ele: Desligo o telefone. Ela: Fama e fortuna.

Ela: Uma cerveja geladinha. A garrafa chega estalando. No copo, fica com um quarto de espuma firme. Ele: Hummm… Ela: Como, hummm? Ela ou eu? Ela: Seu cretino! Written by paulo. For Ex:. Have recently started to appreciate taglist. It's so much better to read. Saves one byte over ggVGg? Also, it does not require the overhead of selecting the whole file, especially if the file is huge.

I've often used ctrl-v to enter escaped characters, but I haven't done it in a while. I just tried, and ctrl-v puts me in visual mode block selection Well, the docs also make reference to ctrl-v being used as an escape. So which is it? How can ctrl-v be documented to do both things?

Anonymous , March 23, smp cypress. Anonymous , April 7, Incredible. Before now, I used to consider myself pretty bright. Imagine, all these years of overestimating my mental abilities. I guess this new found dimness explains a few of the blunders in my life. Anyway, thanks, I don't know how I didn't realize that I was trying to insert escaped characters when not in insert mode.

Anonymous , October 11, I think that should be:. If it's possible what's the syntax? The vertical bar separates the commands to be entered all in one line First copying the lines in a register and then examining the register avoids calling the getline function several times.

Read :help eval. Anonymous , March 2, You're a god. Thank you. I use it alot. Thanks, Mr Magoo manyvan yahoo. One will be in the format "abcd " the other will be "abcd xyz def ". If not, I have to insert the line in file1. Can this be done with vim? Thanks in advance Mani Anonymous , May 18, Thanks.

Anonymous , June 29, Thanks much! Your tips are really helpful! PS In fact, a noremap to any key sequence will do. That's really useful when dealing with long lines.

It lets you use Control-J and Control-K to move up and down screen lines instead of buffer lines with j and k. Control-J isn't really mapped to anything by default, it's like hitting enter, but Control-K is something to do with digraphs.

However, noremap won't remove this ability in insert mode. Thanks, Mohan Anonymous , November 30, Awesome work. I use this quite frequently, thank you. PRINT the page, and put the paper right next to the keyboard, 2. Seriously, you astounded me with this. Talk about saving a newbie at vi some hell. Anonymous , February 3, I'd like to know how I can turn a list of titles with spaces and other character types into a list capable of being touched to actual files without making a file for each word on each line.

How would I do this? I want to map this to a function key. Anonymous , February 24, How do I delete from where I stand to the end of line? What should I use? Gerald Lai, March 1, To Anonymous with file touch problem: See ":help escape ", ":help getline ", ":help :g" Within the file with those 4 lines, do.

To satendra. Anonymous , March 8, Wow, thanks for all those tips! My heart is bursting Thanks so much! Anonymous , May 6, VI Magic Not long ago I read this phrase: programmers treat human input as computer input.

Then I also had to think about VI magic directly. I came relatively late to this only one year ago after trying several editors. I am now a second year informatics student and use vim with Unix and Perl to do my everyday coding.

It feels being in between two worlds now that there are good alternatives like Eclipse which offer a very different set of tools. Being a bit fluent in VI means being very agile if you find the corrects keys in time! These hints belong to my daily survival guide It is very useful and has things that I can learn from. I struggled with ways to find a function declaration in. Seems like you have a tip for that. Am eager to try it out.

Great work in compiling this list. It will help the scores of newbie programmers who are coming out of schools educated on Notepad and html editors. Thanks, very much. It is really helpful for me to move from emacs to vim. Anonymous , June 25, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The left pane has the directory :vs. I put the cursor on a file name, how can I have it open in the right pane? Anonymous , August 25, Using this single page I improved my vim skills a hundredfold Man, you're great. That includes blank lines and all other lines that do not start with a digi!!! Thanks much for helping. Anonymous , September 19, To larkwidgetaccount yahoo. For Win32 specifically, you can get the zip file and just extract pstopedf.


Tip #305: Best of VIM Tips (VIM’s best Features)





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