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The MT based DTMF Dual Tone Multi-Frequency decoder module is commonly used to control robots with a mobile phone, it is also used in different kinds of home automation projects where mobile dial pad input is required. This module works as a tone decoder that uses its 3. It is popularly used for mobile and fixed telephone voice dialing and recording related functions.

Logic high inhibits the detection of tones representing characters A, B, C and D. DTMF is commonly found in tone based dial pad devices such as mobile phones or telephones dial pad. When the dial pad is pressed, it produces a combination of two separate sine waves which is a unique frequency signal that can be decoded and produced as a binary output. The pressed button can easily be identified by checking the binary output.

The binary output digits are available on the output pin Q1 to the pin Q4. In this module, there are onboard LEDs that can be very useful to identify the output state signal of the binary pins. The DTMF module has a 3. It is very useful to add dual-tone multi-frequency decoding in any microcontroller based projects. It also requires a 5 volt supply to the power of the module.

In the below diagram, a simple interfacing example is shown where a generic microcontroller unit is shown. Wired Robot control via mobile phone keypad. Home Automation. Security Systems.

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MT8870 DTMF Audio Decoder Module




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