The HP Compaq w looks very similar to the Compaq nw, measuring an identical The smaller w has a LCD while the w comes with a in. The power supply itself was the first surprise when we opened the shipping box, because we received two power supplies: a large 6.

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Furthermore, the 17 inch WUXGA display ensures due to a resolution of x pixels maximum clarity. Detailed information to case and input devices are available in comprehensive review of the HP Compaq p.

The pictures of in this review are except those of the display section pictures of the identically built HP p. The HP Compaq w has the business look typical for HP , that is black case and robust blue-grey lid and blue-grey palm rest areas. Design and shape are oriented on the function. Despite the main place of operation of this desktop replacement notebook is very likely the desktop, the case's robustness is convincing. The case is indeed very resistant against compressive and bending force.

The same is true for the big display of the HP w, which is very flexural rigid and pressure resistant. Although the two hinges can well support all possible positions, the can not completely avoid a slight see-saw after adjusting the display's position. Furthermore, a double hook transport hook enables locking the display if closed and makes transporting the notebook safe. Further information about the case of the series by HP are available in the review of the p.

Also the interface equipment is identical to the one of the p model. Furthermore, a docking port is available. Depending on the docking station chosen, it enhances the interface equipment by a number of further ports. However, to our opinion the location of the interfaces is not ideal. This is especially true for the location of the USB ports. All of the six available USB ports are located at the flanks near the front. So, cable spaghetti is likely, but, can be circumvented by a docking station, which moves all ports to the back of the notebook, if the notebook is operated at the desk.

Furthermore, the w provides Bluetooth 2. A 56k modem is also built-in. Furthermore, a number of security features were implemented. These are a built-in fingerprint reader and a built-in Smartcard reader for access control.

The data can be secured by a TPM Chip 1. The scope of delivery also includes a short user manual. A recovery DVD is not provided, the data necessary for recovering the system are available at the hard disk.

Pressing the F11 key during the boot process launches the recovery process, if needed. However, what if the hard disk crashed…. The keyboard has a clear layout which groups similar keys and separates the groups a little bit from each other. The user-friendly layout includes an extra number pad , which eases inputting numbers for, e. The key feedback is somewhat jerky , so, you'll need some time to get used to.

The touch pad works precisely. In addition, also a track point is available, but, due to its form, the blue plastic stick could not convince in practice. The hot keys realized by a touch sensitive bar above the display attracted our attention. It allows to, e. Further information regarding the input devices of the HP series are available here. This is the highest resolution currently in use. Especially graphics and CAD professionals will like this, because they likely work with a lot of open windows and tool boxes.

If this resolution is still too low for your needs, you can attach an external high-resolution screen to the HDMI port, which makes it possible to transfer the video data in excellent digital quality. The matte display surface is obligatory for business notebooks.

So, also the display of the w is matte. The maximum brightness was So, the illumination is The average brightness of Due to a very low black value of 0. Indeed, a contrast ratio of ensures a top ranking among comparable screens in this aspect. The subjective impression was also that the picture is always sharp and the colour representation rather neutral.

Despite a matte surface, which would in general support using the notebook outdoors, the moderate brightness makes operating the notebook outdoors a little bit cumbersome. Anyway, the HP w is actually designed for indoor operation, for which the brightness is sufficient. The viewing angles are horizontally more than sufficient. If the viewing angles get acuter, the colours slightly change and the contrast somewhat diminishes. Vertically, the area of operation is just sufficient, but outside it the picture darkens respectively whitens.

Nonetheless, the viewing angles are sufficient for a fixed work place. At the time of our review the HP Compaq w was the most powerful notebook of HP's business series. In terms of performance this is not all, because Planet-Notebook. This makes another performance gain possible. Further details about the performance difference of Merom and Penryn processors can be found in our special article.

Therewith the application performance of the FX M is clearly better than the one of the Geforce M GT, although it is based on the later. The w is marginally better than the Dell Precision M, which is similarly equipped, in the PCMark benchmark comparison. So, it's one of today's top business notebooks in terms of performance. Besides a professional graphics card and an up-to-date Penryn CPU, also the other equipment of the HP Compaq w contributes to the overall good performance.

However, 4GB modules are not available yet and the notebook has only 2 RAM slots, so, you still need to be a little bit patient. Although a part of the hard disk capacity is occupied by a recovery partition, a gross capacity of GB is quite a lot. Less system data, about GB are available for user data. The hard disks transfer rates are above-average and the access times low. This equipment is not only good in benchmarks, also usual office work runs smoothly and fast.

But, also the pre-installed Windows XP Professional contributes to the good performance, because it is still better than Windows Vista in terms of performance. The results in the Cinebench R10 benchmark are also note-worthy. Of course there is no doubt that the HP Compaq w is indeed a genuine business notebook.

Nonetheless, also the one or other game is possible if you need a break. In the 3D Mark benchmark comparison it is a middle-ranking notebook, but, clearly outperformed by typical gaming notebook like, e. Regarding game performance we had a closer look at current games like, e. The Crysis benchmark proves that the overall good performance is overshadowed as soon as the demands on graphical details increases or DirectX 10 support is needed. Similarly, the same is true for the real-time strategy game 'World in Conflict'.

Whilst the results are up to resolutions of x quite good with medium details DirectX 9 , the average frame-rate diminishes already at a resolution of x pixels down to 23fps with high details DirectX If this game should run smoothly , you need to be satisfied with medium details.

It should be possible to run them even with high details and resolutions. Although the performance of the HP Compaq w is excellent , low noise emissions are another pro. In idle mode and under low to usual office load Internet, Mails, Word,… the fan stays deactivated or very quite and the notebook's silent rustling at a noise level of Under full load we measured a maximum noise level of But even here, the noise of the fan and the air is not really annoying.

Furthermore, after the load falls again, also the noise level drops again down to its standard level of Let's start with the positive aspects. The maximum temperature at the top side is If you use this laptop at the desk, you'll hardly notice that it gets warmer than comfortable. However, the bottom side of the HP w is different. After all we measured a maximum temperature of But, as long as the notebook is operated on a hard surface and one is, therefore, not exposed to the temperatures on the bottom side for a longer time, this should not be a problem.

The HP Compaq w has two speakers, which are located at the front edge of the notebook. Their maximum volume is good and the quality of the sound is also alright at maximum volume. Considering it is a business notebook the sound is in general convincing. The sound output via 3. Alike the p the reviewed Compaq w was also equipped with a 73 Wh main battery.

This is about the maximum runtime energy saving mode, WLAN off, minimum display brightness. After all we still measured a runtime of minutes with the BatteryEater Classic test under load. Furthermore, alike the HP w, a supplement battery can be attached at the bottom side of the p via a separate port, which is hidden behind a small cover.

After installing either of them, the notebook is slightly slanted. A special feature of the high-capacity battery is that it can be recharged outside of the notebook, solely by a power adapter identical to the system power adapter.

First of all the robust business case made of high-quality materials is a solid base of daily intensive use. Furthermore, due to the business-like design there is not doubt that the HP w is actually designed for professional 3D and CAD.


HP Compaq 8710w User Review

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HP Compaq 8710w Mobile Workstation

Elias Plastiras. Big and with a powerful graphics card, this is a workstation notebook for users who make a living using design and content creation software. The w isn't a typical desktop replacement notebook: it's a professional mobile workstation. It's not flashy and it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a typical consumer notebook. What it does have is a high-end NVIDIA Quadro graphics chip, which enables it to power through demanding workloads for users of design and 3-D rendering programs. It also features a 17in screen with a native resolution of x, so it rivals the screen real estate offered by many in LCD monitors.


HP Compaq 8710w

Elias Plastiras. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. View our privacy policy before signing up. This smart laptop was enjoyable to use and great to work on — creating content was super simple.

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