Quick Links. Download this manual. Please carefully read this User's Guide in particular, precautions for safety before using a product and follow. The company is not responsible for any safety accidents caused by abnormal operation of the product.

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Part names and functionsNo. Press the Talk button to begin conversation. This function works in case a door camera provides door release function. When you press " Monitor " button once, you will see image from Camera 1,, whenpress the button twice you will see Camera 2, and pressing the button three timeswill return the display back to stand-by status. When the camera is not connected you will not see the display. In the same way you can make threeparties talk by picking up the handset of interphone during talking between monitorand door camera.

By pressing "Talk" button once again you can finish the talkingwith door camera with both of monitor and interphone. By pressing the "Talk" button on the monitoryou can talk with interphone, When there is a calling from the door camera duringtalk between monitor and interphone, you will hear a weak calling sound with"Interphone" OSD on the screen, and all devices will come into three parties talkmode.

Then, it will operate in order as follows. Duringconversation 4 Camera1 Camera2 Camera1 Camera Then,setting screen will pop up. Below 4 functions are available by using the buttonsexplained below.

Then, press to move to each control mode. It indicates its standby modethrough LED Dimming of the touch button on the front. AttentionThis function mute is limited to the chime from master to sub unit in standbymode. Installation Method of cameraNote Do not install the camera whereit is exposed to Direct sunlight Keep cleaning up its lens tocapture good views.

Wiring precautions1 If high voltage cables are present in the vicinity, use a coaxial cable with metalouter casing2 If any internal wires are exposed through mis-wiring, it may cause a short andbecome a cause of malfunction or fire.

Default [Note]Arbitrarily installed additional monitors may lower the quality of video andvoice transmission Caution in use1.

Turn on the power switch. Please contact your local agent for product maintenance when you have aproblem in use of CDV - 40Q 3. For your safety, power switch with a safety device must be used in your building. Unplug before installing or repairing the product. Unplug when you connect monitor with door cameras. We will do our best to make you satisfy with our services.

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Video doorphone set Commax (monitor CDV-43K and Door Camera DRC-4L)

Distinctive feature of this series Q in comparison with CDVN M is lack of a tube for talk - communication takes place in the "free hands" mode HandsFree , and also presence at this on-door speakerphone of touch buttons which put mainly in premium class model. Thanks to the improved LED display with a special covering Crystal View technology the CDVQ on-door speakerphone provides the bright and accurate image, and also is steady against scratches. Therefore will be able long to serve to the owner, keeping good appearance. We created a Personal Account for you to make the process of buying faster and easier in the future. To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you. Contact supplier. Add to selected.


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