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Barahin e-ahmadiyya parts 1. Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya 2. Published by Islam International Publications Ltd. Contents About the Author From his early life, he dedicated himself to prayer, and the study of the Holy Quran and other scriptures.

He was deeply pained to observe the plight of Islam, which was being attacked from all directions. In order to defend Islam and present its teachings in their pristine purity, he wrote more than ninety books, thousands of letters, and participated in many religious debates. He argued that Islam is a living faith which can lead man to establish com- munion with God and achieve moral and spiritual perfection. This communica- tion continued to increase and he was commanded by God to announce that God had appointed him to be the same Reformer of the latter days as prophesied by various religions under dif- ferent titles.

If any explanatory words or phrases are added by the translator for the purpose of clarification, they are put in square brackets [ ]. The following abbreviations have been used. In transliterating Arabic words we have adopted the following sys- tem established by the Royal Asiatic Society. We have not transliterated Arabic words which have become part of English language, e.

Islam, Quran, Hadith, Mahdi, jihad, Ramadan and ummah. The Royal Asiatic Society rules of translit- eration for names of persons, places and other terms, could not be followed throughout the book as many of the names contain non- Arabic characters and carry a local transliteration and pronuncia- tion style which in itself is also not consistent either. The Publishers The book elaborates upon the divine ori- gin of the Holy Quran and truthfulness of the Holy Prophet Muhammad may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

It demonstrates the superiority of Islam over all other faiths with logical arguments. The translation of this book was a truly challenging task. I am deeply indebted to each and everyone who was of assistance in the translation, which, as noted below, was reviewed and approved by Hadrat Khalifatul-Masih V may Allah be his help.

I am also grateful to Dr. May Allah the Almighty reward all of them and their families for their sacrifices and bless them abundantly in this world and the hereafter. This humble one studied these documents and then had detailed online meetings with Munawar Ahmed Saeed and Abdul-Wahab Mirza. He was particularly anxious that the translation be as close to the original as possible.

At that time the Indian subcontinent had become a virtual battleground for the major religions of the world. He himself describes the pain that he suf- fered as follows: My purpose, yearning, and heartfelt desire is to serve humanity; This is my job, this is my faith, this is my habit and this is my way of life.

He writes: What I am trying to demonstrate by writing all this is that Tauhid, in its purest form, is not to be found among any people on the face of the earth except the followers of the Holy Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. And there is no book upon the earth, other than the Holy Quran, that has firmly committed millions to this holy doctrine and that leads mankind so reverentially towards the One True God.

Peopleofeveryreligionhave created artificial gods for themselves, whereas the God of the Muslims is the One, Eternal, and Immutable God, whose attributes are the same today as they were before. He announced a reward of 10, rupees—the sum total of his considerable wealth at the time—for anyone who could counter even a frac- tion of these arguments or produce similar arguments from their own scriptures—a challenge that remains uncontested to this day.

He says: Anyone who wishes to reply to this book must respond in two ways as per the conditions laid down in the Challenge [in Part I]. They must produce arguments from their own scriptures, for comparison with the arguments of the Holy Quran, and must also refute the arguments I have given.

If they fail to present comparable evidence from their own scriptures and focus entirely on countering my arguments, it will be taken to mean that they are totally incapable of providing evidence for the divine origin of their Book. He states at the end of Part IV: In the beginning, when I wrote this book, the situation was very different from now.

Thereafter, the Providence of Allah the Almighty descended upon me with the spiri- tual light that made me aware, like Moses, of which I was totally unaware before.

I was wandering, like Hadrat Thereafter, such secrets were revealed to me as I had not thought or imagined. Therefore, Allah the Almighty is now the Guardian and Manager of this book, both manifestly and intrinsically.

I do not know what His will is as to its size. The fact is that the blessings of the divine origin of Islam which have been manifested up to Part IV are sufficient to bring the argument home. In my dream I had in my hand a religious book which I felt was of my own authorship.

Upon seeing the book, the Holy Prophet, may I gave that one piece to the revived person, which he ate immediately. When he finished eating it, I noticed While watching this display of light I woke up. For those who wish to defend their own faith, I request that the rules of fairness and courtesy be maintained in whatever they write to counter his arguments or to present the like from their own scriptures.

You must go to him, even if you have to reach him across icebound mountains on your knees. He is the Khalifah of Allah, [he is] the Mahdi. Therein you will find the life-giving spiritual water to sustain and foster your faith. If there is anyone else who can also utter the life-giving words that I speak and proclaim such wisdom as I do, then you are at liberty to conclude that I have not come from God Almighty.

However, if this wisdom and understand- ing—which serves as the water of life for those whose hearts are dead—is not procurable from any other source, then you have no excuse for the crime of having rejected the fountain that has been opened from heaven. In his own lifetime, the facilities for this propagation had already started appearing as he says: As you see, Allah the Almighty has raised a nation which has invented the instruments for printing.

How many are the printing presses working in India and other countries. Our Internet pres- ence www. Part I Facsimile of the original Urdu title page for Part I, printed in Translation of the original Urdu title page for Part I.

Truth has come and falsehood has vanished away. Falsehood does indeed vanish away fast. With the infinite grace of Allah, the Guide of the whole world and the entire universe, and by the perfect mercy of Him, Guide to those who are lost, this irrefutable book, named, Barahin-e- Ahmadiyya viz.

Whatawonderfulbookitis, ItmakesonefamiliarwiththeTrueFaithinashorttime. It is being printed on high quality paper, in beauti- ful script, satisfying all the requirements of style and elegance.

This is why the actual cost of publication has been estimated at twenty-five rupees per volume. Ihadhopedthatwell-to-doMuslims,whoare also generous and resolute, would lend wholehearted support to this immensely important book and the difference would thus be covered.


Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya - episode 1

The first two parts were published in CE, the third volume was published in , the fourth volume in and the fifth volume in In writing the book, Ghulam Ahmad sought to rejuvenate Islam by arguing for the validity of its principles and vindicating its teachings in response to Christian and Hindu polemics against Islam as well as atheistic philosophies. The work was initially intended to be a fifty-volume series in the defence of Islam, however, Ghulam Ahmad's claim to be divinely appointed as the expected Mahdi and Messiah during the course of its writing and following the publication of volume four marked a major turning point in his life. The series thus ended with the fifth volume. However, other aspects of the work proved highly controversial within the Muslim community itself because of the author's messianic claims and his claim to be a recipient of revelation.



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