The rituals of the Hexagram, while sharing certain surface similarities to those of the Pentagram are related to an ontologically higher level. The Pentagram symbolizes the dominion of the equilibrated microcosm over its constituent elements. The Hexagram symbolizes the macrocosm, inclusive of and in union with that equilibrated microcosm. The symbol is composed of two interlaced triangles and is known within the Jewish tradition as the Magen David, or Star of David.

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You've studied the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram, now here's another ritual for you to learn, memorize, and keep close to your heart. Just as the LBRP served its purpose by banishing unwanted influences and consecrating the area, dedicating it to your Working, the BRH also purifies the area. But this ritual is special, for it involves the calling down of Divine Power, through a section called the Analysis Of The Keyword.

The ritual itself isn't all that difficult to memorize, but the theory behind it is necessary before you can do even an adequate job at it. Remember in the LBRP where you did the Qaballistic Cross, and you ended up with a shining white cross overlaying your body, with the really, really bright sphere of Kether at the top of your head?

This is much the same thing, only much more powerful, and therefore, effective. The letters also have astrological meanings. Yod is Virgo, which represents the purity of nature. Nun is Scorpio, which represents energy, death, and transfiguration.

Resh is Sol, which represents the light which is the source of life to everyone one the planet. Notice a pattern? We go from pure nature to change and death, to the source of life, and back to pure nature. In mythology, this could be equally reprsented by a Saviour God. What is a Saviour God? A Saviour God is a Deity that dies and is resurrected to a newly virgin state. For Yod, we have the Goddess Isis, who represents virgin nature.

For Nun, we have Apophis also known as Set or Typhon. Apophis is Death and Destruction. Osiris represents Sol, and was slain by Apophis, to rise again. Notice that the first letters of Isis, Apophis, and Osiris form the Notariqon a system of Gematria, where letters are given numeric values and rearranged of IAO.

IAO pronounced eeeeeeeee-ahhhhhhhhhhh-ohhhhhhhhhhhh is the name of the God of the Gnostics. It is another Divine Name used in the ritual. Saviour Gods are always associated with the Sun, since Sol is the giver of life, and therefore rebirth. You can spell out LVX in three ways for this ritual:. L - Left arm stretched out at a 90 degree angle, palm flat and facing forward. The right arm is held straight up, the flat palm facing inwards. V - Both arms stretched over head, arms forming a 60 degree angle to form the letter "V".

The palms should be facing each other. X - Arms crossed on chest, right arm over left arm, palms facing chest. Now we get to the ritual itself. Practice this every day along with the LBRP. When combined, the LBRP first, the two prepare the area of working quite well indeed.

But for now, let's get back to this ritual:. Stand facing East. Your arms should be spread out to either side, so that your body forms a cross. Say with meaning: "I. The sign of Osiris slain. Now, raise your right arm straight up, palm facing left, and hold your left arm straight out, palm up.

You're forming the letter "L". Say: "The sign of the mourning of Isis. Raise your arms above your head to form the letter "V". Your palms should face inwards. Say with meaning: "The sign of Typhon and Apophis. Bring both arms down to form a cross over your chest, right arm over left, palms touching your chest.

Say with meaning: "The sign of Osiris risen. Now, say with meaning: "L. Lux "lukes" ". You should form each letter as you say the letter.

The letters are described above in steps 3,4, and 5. Form the letter "X", and slowly raise your arms to form the "V" while you vibrate: "IAO" eeeeeahhhhohhhh.

Visualize a shining white light above your head. Feel the masive amount of energy as you say with meaning: "Let the Divine Light descend! Take a moment to feel the Divine Light surging through you. Face East, and draw the Fire Hexagram detailed at the bottom of this page with the rest of the Hexagrams. Visualize the sigil in bright, golden flame.

Hold your right arm straight out, and draw a shining, white line from the Hexagram you just drew, and carry it to the South. Draw the white line to the West, forming the Air Hexagram. Draw the white line to the North, and form the Water Hexagram.

Carry the white line back to the East, connecting the circle. Since you will need to know what the Hexagrams look like, here is a picture detailing them.

Notice the arrows showing which way you draw them, and in what order. Sorry for the delay, if you're waiting for this ritual. Sign In Sign-Up. Would you like to make this site your homepage? It's fast and easy Yes, Please make this my home page!

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Joshua's Tarot Journal. Get Instant Access. You may use your right index finger or a favorite ritual wand held in the right hand to trace the prescribed figures. Imagine it drawn in a flaming golden light.


Notes on the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram

This initiation was received after having completed previous initiations and the period known as the Portal Grade. Surprisingly, this may not be as difficult as it seems. While much is made of the Golden Dawn system, compared to other organizations, students learn comparatively little in terms of operative techniques, in their initial four or five initiations. The Pathworkings comprising a large part of the initiations are limited, expectedly, to the nine paths leading up to Tiphareth. Most of the work centers around the LBRP, Elemental meditations and invocations, and spending a lot of time learning occult methods : such as divination, geomancy, tarot, astrology, and basic alchemical theory.

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