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AUM vareNyaaya namaH. AUM sarveshaaya namaH. AUM saumyaaya namaH. AUM suravandyaaya namaH. AUM suralokavihaariNe namaH. AUM sukhaasanopavishhTaaya namaH. AUM ghanaaya namaH. AUM ghanaruupaaya namaH. AUM ghanasaaravilepaaya namaH. AUM khadyotaaya namaH.

AUM mandaaya namaH. AUM mandacheshhTaaya namaH. AUM mahaniiyaguNaatmane namaH. AUM martyapaavanapadaaya namaH. AUM chhaayaaputraaya namaH.

AUM sharvaaya namaH. AUM charasthirasvabhaavaaya namaH. AUM nityaaya namaH. AUM niilaanjananibhaaya namaH. AUM niilaambaravibhuushaNaaya namaH. AUM vedyaaya namaH. AUM vidhiruupaaya namaH. AUM virodhaadhaarabhuumaye namaH. AUM bhedaaspadasvabhaavaaya namaH. AUM vajradehaaya namaH. AUM vairaagyadaaya namaH.

AUM viiraaya namaH. AUM viitarogabhayaaya namaH. AUM vipatparampareshaaya namaH. AUM guuDhaaya namaH. AUM kuruupiNe namaH. AUM kutsitaaya namaH. AUM gocharaaya namaH. AUM avidyaamuulanaashaaya namaH.

AUM vidyaavidyaasvaruupiNe namaH. AUM aapaduddhartre namaH. AUM vishhNubhaktaaya namaH. AUM vashine namaH. AUM vividhaagamavedine namaH. AUM vidhistutyaaya namaH. AUM vandyaaya namaH. AUM viruupaakShaaya namaH. AUM varishhThaaya namaH. AUM garishhThaaya namaH. AUM varadaabhayahastaaya namaH. AUM vaamanaaya namaH. AUM jyeshhThaapatniisametaaya namaH.

AUM shreshhThaaya namaH. AUM mitabhaashhiNe namaH. AUM kashhTaughanaashakartre namaH. AUM pushhTidaaya namaH. AUM stutyaaya namaH. AUM stotragamyaaya namaH. AUM bhaanave namaH. AUM bhaanuputraaya namaH. AUM bhavyaaya namaH. AUM paavanaaya namaH. AUM dhanurmaNDalasa. AUM dhanadaaya namaH.

AUM dhanushhmate namaH. AUM tanuprakaashadehaaya namaH. AUM taamasaaya namaH. AUM visheshaphaladaayine namaH. AUM pashuunaaM pataye namaH. AUM khecharaaya namaH. AUM khageshaaya namaH. AUM ghananiilaambaraaya namaH. AUM kaaThinyamaanasaaya namaH. AUM aaryagaNastutyaaya namaH. AUM niilachchhatraaya namaH. AUM nirguNaaya namaH. AUM guNaatmane namaH.

AUM niraamayaaya namaH. AUM nindyaaya namaH. AUM kruuracheshhTaaya namaH. AUM kaamakrodhakaraaya namaH. AUM kalatraputrashatrutvakaaraNaaya namaH. AUM pariposhhitabhaktaaya namaH. AUM parabhiitiharaaya namaH. AUM bhaktasa.


Chandra-Ashtottara-shatanamavali Telugu PDF File7008

Stotram Digitalized By Sanskritdocuments. Kalyanaraman kalyan97 yahoo. Proofread by Detlef Eichler DetlefEichler gmx. Please send corrections to sanskrit cheerful. Kalyanaraman kalyan97 at yahoo. M uralikrishna Srowthigal,.

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Sri Yama Nama Smarana



Sri Shiva Ashtottara Satanamavali | శ్రీ శివ అష్టోత్తర శతనామావళి


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