Starships vs. Warships , Or, what was left behind? Wakboth Mar 13 , Group: Heroes, Level On the acceleration thread, myrpg posted the list of modified accelerations for PL 6 ships--a very useful list, in my opinion.

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Starships vs. Warships , Or, what was left behind? Wakboth Mar 13 , Group: Heroes, Level On the acceleration thread, myrpg posted the list of modified accelerations for PL 6 ships--a very useful list, in my opinion.

However, it lists fusion and fission rocket, neither of which is included in Warships PDF, and therefore must come from Starships. I have wondered myself what is in Starships that might be useful I thought Warships was suppose to replace all the ship making rules in Alternity but I still see many references to star ships over and over.. Did star ships come out after Warships and does it in fact have information not contained in warships? Starships came out first, and just elaborated on the same basic rules presented in the GMG Warships came later.

It was something Rich Baker was working on when the Alternity line got canceled. He had already labored on it for so long And that's how it became available for free. Yes, there are some very interesting systems that get mentioned in Starships that don't make a reappearance in Warships. The Cutting Airlock, for example Very useful for pirates There's also stuff like the Psionic Amplifier which allows mindwalkers the ability to magnify the range of their abilities so they can affect another ship.

In space, distance is measured in vast quantities of Megameters and so on There's some other stuff like this in Starships. So it's not a wasted resource by any stretch of the imagination.

In addition, I think the debate is still open as to which set of rules are most useful for game play. Clearly, if you want to run large-scale battles with capital ships involved, you have to use Warships.

But most of the time, I find the Starships rule system easier to manage and even comprehend for small ship-to-ship engagements like the ones my heroes get into more often. I think this is what Rich Baker envisioned in the first place.

Warships wasn't meant to completely supercede Starships My two-cents, --Neil. Thansk Spicer, that was a great E-mail.. I think it answered all my questions.. I think I am going to hunt for a copy of star ships..

You're welcome. I know a lot of folks came to Alternity a little later than others, so they missed out on some of books as they were released early in the publication line.

And now, some of them are particularly more difficult to find. Essentially, they're becoming collector's items now. Someone might have an extra copy they're willing to part with. I think a lot of people have done the same thing with Externals and Warships before. Allow me to give Starships a ringing endorsement ere. Neil covered a great deal of questions posed about this resource, and I'd like to add that Starships also comes with something like 18 fully worked out deck plans for starships ranging in size from launch-class vessels to battleships, from PL6 to PL9.

Much information specific to starships is introduced under, and integrated into later sections, "Welcome to PL9". Merid Mar 13 , Group: Heroes, Level My local Half Price books has a handful of copies.

They're usually a good place to check first. You could always try ebay, but theres no gurantees there. I think Wizards actually has some copies of Starship left to sell in their online store, at least they did last time I checked.

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