Stratified, systematic random sampling was used for selection of households from the total of households. One adult from each household was interviewed. The ethnobotonical survey was carried out during the period February to March Data analysis was carried out using SPSS, version 9. Range and mean were analysed and appropriate tables, graphs and percentage were displayed.

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Communication at Addis Ababa University. They helped me more than my expectations. Newspaper readership habits Weaknesses and strengths of Addis Zemen and Addis Admas Table i. Selected newspapers with the highest circulation in Ethiopia Table ii.

Selected newspapers with the highest circulation in Kenya Table 1. Demographic distribution of respondents Table 2a. Newspaper readership habits of Addis Zemen and Addis Admas Table 2b. Table 3. Newspapers often read Table 4. Zemen and Addis Admas Table 5. Most read sections of Addis Zemen and Addis Admas in descending order.

Table 6. Admas sections Table 8. The credibility of Addis Zemen and Addis Admas Table 9. Overall satisfaction of the newspapers' readers The study also attempted to. A total of newspaper readers in Addis Ababa participated in the study. The findings of the study show that the reasons for people to read Addis Admas. The study. Of these challenges, one major concern is related to newspapers readers.

This is not just done. Readership , Why do people read the Addis Zemen and the Addis Admas newspapers? Firstly, they. Thirdly, newspapers satisfaction studies have importance for. They can help these. This chapter will attempt to present a selected part of media literature which is related to. Sendek Alamachin and Addis Zemen were launched to reflect the era after liberation from. As has been mentioned above, the Addis Zemen newspaper was launched in as a.

The Addis Admas newspaper, on the other hand, is a private newspaper. It is one of the few. Sophia, , the Addis Admas newspaper is the most read newspaper identified by.

The Addis Admas newspaper is a general newspaper which has the. Satisfaction is a response of people like consumers, audiences and patients toward. Firstly, it has the type of an affective or emotional nature. Of the many reasons for readers to read newspapers, one is a desire to know what is. Newspaper readers. Of ten, people use other media like TV to satisfy their. This level of readability significantly affects the newspaper.

Readership 8 , the readability of newspapers can be defined in a precise way as. The credibility of a newspaper is related to the extent to which it publishes stories that are. Of course, some mistakes and distortions can occur. Newspapers need to pay.

For example, Addis Zemen usually. Zemen and Addis Admas. A survey method is chosen for the study because the researcher. The qualitative data respondents were selected to represent the. And yet, because the data collectors were given the freedom to adjust the selection. The research participants of this study are newspaper readers of Addis Zemen and Addis.

Admas newspapers in Addis Ababa. Because data about newspaper readers in Ethiopia. Addis Ababa is selected for this study. The two newspapers, Addis Zemen and Addis. Admas , were selected because they are the highest circulated Amharic newspapers from. In each of the four groups, 35 readers each were taken from Addis. Addis Ababa. The researcher therefore decided to use stratified random sampling by. Two questionnaires were developed.

The only difference is in. Addis Admas , on the other hand, has very few. After that, the. At the beginning. Old people aged 55 and above have an insignificant share: 2. The divorced. On the other hand, students with For Addis Zemen , those with vocational. Particularly, since most of the subscribers. Concerning the monthly income of the respondents, for Addis Zemen readers the.

For Addis Admas the high income groups, people. They observed that newspapers in Addis Ababa. On the other hand, a significant difference is observed between. With these points, which are discussed in. Newspaper readership habits of Addis Zemen and Addis Admas. As can been seen from the table, most of the readers of Addis Admas have high. Finally, as for the amount of newspaper read, both Addis Zemen and Addis Admas. The two newspapers have also a significant amount. The finding show that the majority of Addis.

Addis Zemen readers Addis Admas readers. As Addis Admas is the main newspaper for most its readers, they are likely to. By contrast, as Addis Zemen is not the main newspaper. Except Admas readers, all said that they read at least one more newspaper often, which can be. For the readership frequency section the assumption is that The low frequency readership sections are seven for Addis Zemen and three for Addis.

The high frequency readership sections of Addis Zemen are a mixture of both less. Its less serious sections with high frequency readership. Addis Admas are also a combination of serious and non-serious issues, while its low. Respondents Most read sections of Addis Admas Respondents. The three most read sections of Addis.


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