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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Diagnostics and Troubleshooting 87 Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Diagnostics and Troubleshooting 87 Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Simatic s5 series cpu ub11 cpu ub11 cpu ub11 and cpu ub21 cpu ub11 and cpu ub21 pages. Here we perform all the repair works and test each later sold unit. Subject to change without prior notice. The reproduction, transmission or use of this document or its contents is not permitted without express written authority.

Page 10 Contents SU Page 7. Page 12 Contents SU Page Page 14 Contents SU Page Page 15 E - 1 Siemens Addresses Worldwide It meets all the requirements for a modern programmable controller. To use this controller optimally, you need detailed information. Following this page, you will find a table of contents. Contact your Siemens representative for more information.

Page Technical Description Siemens. It is suitable for machine control and for process automation and monitoring on a medium scale. Page 26 Figures The SU Table At the same time, information contained in the process image output table PIQ is transferred to the output modules.

Data cycle Shift Shift Page 34 Technical Description SU Length of the Shift Register The total length of the shift register is obtained from the sum of the data bits of all plugged-in modules and of the empty slots. The check bit is not counted. You must know the length of the shift register to be able to determine the data cycle time.

Mount the rails on a metal plate to obtain the same reference potential. Hook the interface module to the standard mounting rail. Swing the interface module back until the slide on the bottom snaps into place on the rail. Use the ribbon cable to connect the module to the last bus unit. Mount the SU on a metal plate to help prevent noise. There should be electrical continuity between the grounded enclosure and the mounting rails.

Make sure that the system is bonded to earth. Cabinet Mounting with a Series of Devices 3. It is best to use a 3. You can therefore wire directly to the sensor or output field device. An external distribution block is not required. The four channels of a module are numbered from. Each channel has a pair of terminals on the ter- minal block. You therefore need an external distribution block.

The eight channels of a module are numbered from. One terminal on the terminal block is assigned to each channel. The terminal assignment and the connection diagram are printed on the front plate of the module.

Example: Connecting a lamp to channel 6 address output Q 5. Use a pin cable connector with a screw-type connection or crimp snap-in connection for wiring. The module does not have a two-wire connection. Inputs and outputs have the same address. A sensor is to be connected to input I Figure illustrates the wiring on the front connector.

Pay attention to the following points when you design your configuration. The numbers appearing in parentheses in the following points refer to the numbers in Figures to The circuits can either be connected to the same grounding point non-floating or galvanically isolated floating. These modules function according to the following principles.

Page 65 SU Installation Guidelines When you have a non-floating configuration, you must make certain that the voltage drop on cables and does not exceed 1 V.

If 1 V is exceeded, the reference potentials could change and the modules could malfunction. Page Running Cables Outside Buildings Install these protective elements at the point where the cable enters the building. Note Lightning protection measures always require an individual assessment of the entire system. If you have any questions, please consult your local Siemens office or any company specializing in lightning protection. Grounding Make certain that you have sufficient equipotential bonding between the devices.

Potential differences may be caused, for instance, by differences in the system input voltage. Interference currents on cable shields are discharged to ground over the shield bar which has a conductive connection to the housing.

So that these interference currents do not become a source of noise in themselves, a low-resistance connection to the protective conductor is of special importance. The clamps have to enclose the shield over a large area and make good contact see Figure The plug must be supplied from the distribution line to which the protective ground for the cabinet is connected.

Avoid the use of fluorescent lamps since these generate interference fields. The suggestions contained in the following warning are intended to help you safely install your programmable controller. When you load a program, it is transferred to the programmable controller's program memory. There are specific instructions in your programmer manual for doing this. If a back-up battery is installed, any program in the memory is completely erased.

You can only load valid blocks. See section 7. Figure shows how a program can be loaded manually. Backing up copies a program from the program memory of the CPU to a memory submodule. Only valid blocks are backed up. As soon as you have changed the integral, default DB1 data block, it is a valid block that can be backed up. This enables you to control the wiring and functionality of output modules.

Page Search Function SU Start-up and Program Tests Search Function This function allows you to search for specific terms in the program and list them on the pro- grammer's display panel. You can perform program changes at this point. Page 90 Diagnostics and Troubleshooting SU The following table shows which positions in the bit pattern are relevant for error diagnosis gray- shaded bits. Da- lute ta Word Byte Addr. KE6 Nesting stack entry 1 to 6 entered for A and O Page 98 Diagnostics and Troubleshooting SU Calculating the Address necessary only when using the PG U In order to be able to make program corrections, it is necessary to have the address of the statement that led to the fault referenced to the particular block relative address.

PII and the process out- - Check program. Page The Last Resort 1. Set the operating mode switch to STOP. Remove the battery. Install a battery. Contact your local Siemens representative if the above measures are ineffective.

Page Addressing Addressing Slot Numbering Page Figures Address Assignment Page Addressing SU Addressing Addressing The inputs and the outputs have different assigned addresses so that you can access them specifically. Page Addressing SU If the programmable controller consists of more than one tier, numbering of the expansion tiers is continued at the slot on the extreme left. Slot numbers 26 27 23 24 14 15 4 5 6 Figure Slot Numbering in a Multi-Tier Configuration When expanding your system, always add the new bus units to the topmost tier on the right.

Page SU Addressing Example: Expanding from 14 to 18 slots Existing configuration 12 13 New bus units 2 3 4 5 6 Correct expansion procedure 12 13 16 17 The new bus units are added at the right. The interface module is moved correspondingly to the right.

The memory requirement is one bit. Each channel of a digital module is displayed by a bit. Transfer of 65, different items of information is possible per channel from or to an analog module.

The modules are addressed byte-by-byte or word-by-word with load or transfer operations.


Siemens 6ES5 103-8MA02 Simatic S5-100U CPU 103 Module

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Siemens 6ES5 103-8MA02 Simatic S5-100U CPU 103



6ES5 103-8MA02


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